Friday, 9 September 2011

Fashion Graffiti

Since I am not the most eloquent speaker, I have decided to borrow from the words of those that are.
Yves Saint Laurent once said, fashion fades, style is eternal.

I can honestly say I do not know very much about fashion. The industry itself is not something I ever identified myself with. I do not follow trends, aside from the major design houses, I am oblivious to labels.

Growing up, my parents kept my hair short so my mother would not need to spend a lot of time in the morning to fix my hair. Thus, I have always taken the persona of a energetic tom-boy. I rarely wore dresses, I rode my bright blue sports bike everywhere. Climbed trees, tread water in the ponds, caught insects, terrorized my grandparents, got shot at by bb-guns, and eagerly shot back.

I never thought I was girly in the least bit. And to be fashionable, you had to be girly. Those two things came hand in hand, right?

But I had always been different, I would wear the only elastic high waisted ripply flower skirt I had on my head and pretended that was long hair.

Fast forward till my late teens. Finally, I grew out my hair, along with my maturing curves, I can no longer blend in as a tom-boy.

Scarves would be worn as a belt, ties would be worn as head bands. Colour rules based on the seasons were never followed.

I have always admired artists, to be able to take an idea in their heads and outwardly express it on an canvass and share it with the world.

Even more so, is my love for graffiti, it is original, personal, loud, spontaneous, fun and amazing. To the graffiti artist, the whole world is their canvas.

I take the same approach to my personal style. I shop almost exclusively thrift. I love the hunt, I love creating outfits on the spot. I love spotting diamonds in the rough.

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