Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween, a time of the year when the physical and supernatural worlds are closest and magical things could happen.
This is how the historical Irish used to celebrate this special day.

Snap Apple Night
Snap Apple Night

Present day, the celebration of All Hallow's Even has taken on much more costumy feel. It's a day for people to embrace their inner alter-ego. Just for one night, or in this year's case the whole weekend, you can be whoever you want to be.

Halloween Costume Party

Judging by the proliferation of pop-up Halloween stores around town, Halloween is a booming business. Even our favourite designers can't help but draw inspired from the spirit of costume play.

On Aura Tout Vu

On Aura Tout Vu, Horned Pegassus inspirationHorned Pegassus, image source

On Aura Tout Vu, Bird's nest inspirationBird's Nest, image source

Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille, White Swan inspirationWhite Swan, image source

Christian Dior

Christian Dior, Black Cat inspirationBlack Cat, image source

Don't under estimate the power of fashion. Clothes can often change a person. On such a magical occasion, don't be surprised that you may end up embody the essence of your costumed alter-ego.  Happy Halloween everyone.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rouge and Fur: Ruffle Peplum Peacoat

Inexplicably in love with the colour palate of the 2011 Fall trends.

Fall 2011 Trends

Red is a powerful colour, this dominant shade represents both passionate love and violent warfare. It demands attention. A statement colour that can either enhance or over power.

I am glad to see designers embracing this vixen of a colour again. What is even more amazing? Fur is also back.

I think that combination is the near perfect marriage.

And for me, this is how that marriage manifested itself.
Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red
Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat

It looks amazing open,

Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red front open

From the back,

Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red back view

And up close,

Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red detail

The best part of this coat is the detachable fur collar. Offering flexibility and versatility.

But I will most likely never wear it without that fantastic embellishment.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cross body craze

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Borrowed from Confessions of a Shopaholic

I realize I shop a lot. Both a blessing and a curse. I count it as a blessing most of the time. Attempted to put myself on a ban multiple times. But who am I kidding, I was never good at delaying gratification.

One chill Friday, just had lunch at my favorite vietnamese restaurant with some of my favorite people.

The food there never dissapoints. This is what I always order.

Joyeaux Cafe Beef Brisket Noodle Soup
The restaurant is steps away from my place.
The restaurant also happens to be right across the street from

Holt Renfrew Crest

I try not to go in there. But you cannot tell a moth not to flock to the flame. It would be against nature.

As luck would have it, they are having a sale. Bags are piled on top of each other haphazzardly on tables. Each pleading to be accepted into a good home.

Then I saw her. All gorgeous, tassely, golden, zippery and crossbody.
Rebecca Minkoff five zipper cross body in turquoise

The Rebecca Minkoff five zipper cross body in turquoise.
I tried her on, just so happens, my outfit that day cried out for a pop of green/blue desperatly.
Orange and Purple colour swatch

After taxes, she came to just shy of $300.00. YAY SALES! Still, hesitation crept up on me; I have never purchased a designer product brand new before. I usually try to sniff out crazy deals second hand. The hunter in me takes over a lot.

I decided to leave her on me and walk around the store. I was soon attached. $290.00 later, she was wrapped up.

I spent the next couple of days researching the price of used equivalents. To my delight, the price ranges about the same. Now I can rest easy knowing I still got a deal. This is my first dabble into the Minkoff brand. Have to say, perhaps a new obsession is brooding.

She is a beauty, turquoise represents a friendly and happy colour that enjoys life. I will have no trouble enjoying life with this well organized cross body bag that will leave my hands free everywhere I go.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Rebecca Minkoff purse with outfit

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Rebecca Minkoff purse with outfit
Vintage DIY infinity scarf

Vintage Chanel inspired blazer

Vintage purple chiffon flowy top

All from Talize

Candy coloured elastic bow belt, from Gentille Alouette

Suspender Tights from Dynamite

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Chanel Lip Play

I don't usually wear lip stick. Always been a C.O.Bigelow kind of girl.

C.O.Bigelow logo

Lip gloss and 5 coats of mascara is all I am accustomed to.


Chanel Logo

Chanel rouge allure velvet lip colour

This is the new lip colour line for fall. It dresses the lip up in deep, matte and luminous colour; an alternative to shine.

It claims to be velvety and soft, as well as moisturizing.

I was in an adventurous spirit and decided to try it on when I was at The Bay.

The make-up artist applied the lipstick expertly. Part of the reason why I never ventured into lipstick land is my fear of failure. Don't want to end up looking like a clown.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

The packaging is sleek and classic. Made me reminisce about playing with my mother's make up.

She chose the following shade for me.

Chanel Rouge Allure shade selection
40 La Sensuelle

It went on smooth and amazing. It did not feel dry at all. No false advertisement here after all.

For the rest of the day, I pranced around with bold red berry lips and simple clean eyes.

Jasmine Wearing Chanel Rouge Allure shade 40 La Sensuelle

The lipstick has really great staying power as well. I did not have re-apply even once. It even lasted eating, drinking and kissing.

Still contemplating on buying it though. will I wear it often enough to make it worth it?

Buying lipstick, why does it all of a sudden feel like such a grown up decision?

Jasmine Wearing Chanel Rouge Allure shade 40 La Sensuelle

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sans fin soup

Charity and food is an amazing combination.

My lovely friend founded Shark Truth, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to promoting awareness, education and action for sharks and around shark fin issues in 2009.

Shark Truth has been able to save approximately 1000 sharks through contests such as this, Happy Hearts Love Sharks .

Recently, Shark Truth held a very kick ass fundraising contest.

Shark Truth sans fin soup contest logo

The event was held here.

Renaissance Vancouver Harbour Side Hotel logoA top the Vancouver skyline, in the 360Âș Vista Room, the event went off without a hitch.

The intoxicating smells of fine cuisine titillated our senses. It was going to be a great night.

Shark Truth Sans Fin Soup Contest compilation photo

Each table has soup paired with a beautifully prepared hors d'oeuvre.

We made our rounds and fed our bellies with expertly prepared Shark Fin free cuisine.

These are the awesome finalists of the contest.

Sans Fin Soup Finalists
  • Edmund Yee – P2B Bistro & Bar
    Abalone and Crab Soup & Fried Scallop Terrine
    ????????? ?
  • Tom Lee – Edible Canada at the Market
    Ginger Duck Soup & Pan Seared BC Shrimp & Crab Cake
    ??? & ?BC? & ??
  • William Tse – Sandbar
    Sans Fin Soup & Seafood Sampler
    ??? & ????
  • Todd Bright – Wild Rice
    Faux Sharks Fin Bisque & Geoduck Combination Platter
    ????? & ?????
  • Ben Lai ???
    Shark’s Fin Melon Cannellini Beans Soup & Chilled Tofu
    ????????? & ???
  • Montgomery Lau – Westin Wall Centre
    Triple Chicken Ham Stock Consommé & Drunken Chicken Rillette
    ???????? & ????
  • John Mok ???
    Golden Bridge Soup & Smoked Vegetarian Goose
    ??????? & ???

My favourites were the Golden Bridge Soup and the Shrimp and Crab Cake.

After we were fed, the rest of the night gave away to mingling.

Founder of Shark Truth and I

Of course the night would not be complete without some fashion.
Never fully dressed chiffon pearl cuff shirt

This is a Never Fully Dressed shirt. That sentence just made me laugh. It belongs to my lovely friend.

I placed my Forever 21 Glossy Bow Ring on her finger. The cuffs, my ring, and her nails make an awesome combo.

The night ended with a stroll back home.

Shark Truth is an amazing organization. Spear headed by someone who is not only passionate, but also knowledgeable, as well as brilliant and extremely savvy.Here is how one can be involved.
Shark Truth Donate ButtonShark Truth Volunteer Button

Shark Truth Petitions Button

Help save Harry and his friend's fins. I feel good doing it, by eating amazing fin free food.

Harry the Shark from Shark Truth

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

No, I am not getting married. But I was curious of the origin of this tradition.

After consulting my auxiliary brain,, I was given the following answer.

I love the meaning behind this tradition. Each item represents a good-luck token. Here are my tokens.

Vintage Lanvin cross body purse, vintage Italian made blue elf loafers, Maggy London silk mini floral dress
Something old, Vintage Lanvin cross body purse from Community Thrift and Vintage, 41 Cordova Street

Something blue, Italian made Arnold Churgin blue jeweled elf loafers, from Starfish and Rose Vintage Collective, 419 Abbott Street

I love this dress. Simple on it's own, but can lend itself to many different combinations.
Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine Zhu wearing Maggy London silk floral mini dress

This is Keiko, my good friend's Shiba. He is absolutely adorable.
Keiko the Shiba InuNothing like staying indoors on a cloudy day and bonding with a fuzzy friend, my something borrowed
Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine Zhu in Maggy London silk floral mini dress with Keiko the Shiba Inu

I feel very lucky that these three great stores are all within steps of each other. As much as I can appreciate forever21 and BCBG, I love supporting local businesses and thrift stores even more.

Here is a map of where to find these stores.

The Fair's minimalistic decor attracted me at first. Having always passed by outside of their business hours I was excited to finally have approached during an opportunistic time. She carries local designers, vintage pieces as well as unique designs. I went during a sale and the Maggy London dress was 50% off. Great score.

Starfish and Rose Vintage Collective has re-opened after 2 months of hiatus. They have great vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. As well as shell jewellery and vintage furniture. I love hunting for unique pieces, vintage stores is the sure way to go.

The items at Community Thrift and Vintage has an undeniable bohemian flare. The dynamic inventory makes frequent trips fun and rewarding. Knowing that the proceed goes to local charities makes each shopping spree guilt free.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Organization saga

What do you do when you have taken over the in suite storage room as a walk in closet? Either cut down on buying more things... OR, get really awesome storage/organization items to help tame the abundance.

Most of my shoes have been living inside shoe boxes for some time now. The reason being I simply do not have enough room to store them any other way.

I have yet to see shoe racks that can hold more than 20 pairs of shoes. Not only that, good quality ones that are not made purely of plastic and cave in onto itself when it is loaded with shoes are REALLY expensive.

So, when I discovered a 50 pair shoe rack at a low price, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase one. At first it was from an online site, but after waiting weeks for its arrival, I decided to cancel the item and source it from a local supplier.

Finally, 2 days ago, I finally had my 50-pair shoe rack. So it claims...

Anyway, the installation process was simple enough. It was merely shoving metal rods into plastic holders repeatedly and then stacking 3 of the smaller holder together to form a big one that would hold my 50-pairs of shoes!

After 15 minutes I was free to enjoy the fruit of my labour by re-organizing my "walk-in closet". I can finally liberate all of my shoes from their captive boxes.

After 45 minutes I was finished. Big sigh of relief as I stepped back and enjoyed the beautiful finished product. Then I petted myself on the back for a job well done and drifted off to enjoy the rest of my night.

One hour later it was midnight. As I crept into bed and began my wind down process... a nasty... loud... disturbing noise disrupted the peace I was just about to enjoy.

Fearing the worse, I slowly crawled out of my bed. And what do I find?

broken shoe rack with lots of shoes everywhere
weak-ass shoe rack

That's right! My worst nightmare!

The shock of seeing my shoes intermingled with each other lying decrepit on the floor and the now dilapidated shoe rack made me laugh and cry at the same time.
Upon further inspection. I found the culprit.

So it would seem that one of the holes that the metal rod was previously inserted into has decided to abandon post.

As it was already late into the night, I decided to go to bed and worry about the carnage the next day.

In the morning, I risen out of bed with trepidation. I cautiously approached the carnage.


It looked as if I was super lazy and really didn't know what shoes to wear and thus decided to pull most of my shoes out, try them on and then haphazardly thrown them back.

Or my closet finally had enough and revolted by vomiting my shoes up.

This is definitely not the state I should leave the shoes in. What can I do then? I thought about putting the shoes back into their captive boxes again. But since they have tasted freedom, there is no way they are going to go back without a fight.

Then, ding!, lightbulb! Since only one of the three sections were broken, I can salvage what I can and settle them in their temporary home until I can find a more permanent solution.

After 20 minutes.


Mess begone!!

I was pretty pleased with myself. Those are some drastic before and afters.

But this is not going to be the permanent solution. Since one would be crazy to think I would keep the shoe rack after what it has put me through. That POS is going back for a FULL REFUND!

So after lunch with a friend, I set out to seek a permanent solution.

After scouring my brain for a solution, I realized that the best thing is probably something similar to what is currently holding my boots up.

Then I went to forage Canadian Tire and Home Depot for the product.

Alas! Canadian Tire had it. However, since the rack is meant to be a storage room space saver, it only came standard with 5 shelves.

That is not nearly enough. But they did not sell the shelves separately. So I was forced to buy 2 of those things. I will then have to MacGyver my own ULTIMATE shoe rack.Armed with one rack in each hand. I charged home.

Once in my humble abode, I eagerly unwrapped everything and poured the contents out. After studying the instructions I went off looking for tools.

My heart sunk as I realized that I didn't actually have any tools!!

I needed this,

wrenchand more importantly, this
Flat tip screw driver

But all I had is, this
Jasmine Zhu's thumb and finger

and, you've gotta be kidding me, this

Butter Knife

So armed with my fingers in one hand and a butter knife in the other, my arduous journey of screwing 105 nuts and bolts began.

2.5 hours later I was still not done. So I said, screw this! And went to meet a friend to walk his this.Victor Kam's black pug, Pugsley
The walk plus venting rejuvenated me. With new found gusto, I finally finished the last 10 bolts.

The finished product is beautiful. Standing just over 5' tall, gleaming in industrial grey and sparkling with metallic silver accents. My shoes would have a new home!

As I slid, not-so-weak-ass shoe rack home. I can't help but be reminded of the graph of success. Usually phallicly represented by this.

Graph of success

But in reality, it's much much less glamourous and probably looks more like this.

But it was all worth it when, in the end, I went from this,

broken shoe rack with lots of shoes everywhere
weak ass

to this,

Jasmine Zhu's organized walk in closet
not so weak ass

Now I have a functional closet, and finally I can see all of the shoes I have.

I would say it was well worth the tumultuous couple of days to finally have the peace and order of my newly organized closet.
Life is often filled with frustrating situations. But if you stick to your guns, after 105 nuts and bolts screwed together by butter knife and fingers, you too can enjoy the fruits of your labours.

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