Sunday, 2 October 2011

Impacted by words

Quotes are beautiful collections of words. With the right combinations it can launch a thousand ships.

Style, often is just the same. The main pieces, punctuated by accessories can achieve the same impact.

These are 2 quotes I found displayed to maximize impact. They made me stop and think.
infinite quote

This quote is very poetic. At first glance, it makes no sense. I most certainly did not spend an infinity reading this quote. But it did make an impact, and it may just take an infinity for you to figure it out.

Reminds me of the way Sarah Jessica Parker dresses. Some of her outfits at first glance will make no sense. But it will forever be amazing.

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City 2

This one I saw in an amazing architecturally significant building in Toronto. My regret is that I did not explore it in detail.

heart is where it matters most of all

Just like the late McQueen. I always felt his designs resonated from a place deep within. Check out this beautiful exhibit dedicated to McQueen by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alexander McQueen

This quote I saw on Purselog's facebook page not too long ago. I had to add it to this entry. It's such a beautiful quote.

Purseblog quote
Take risks. They pay off.

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