Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rouge and Fur: Ruffle Peplum Peacoat

Inexplicably in love with the colour palate of the 2011 Fall trends.

Fall 2011 Trends

Red is a powerful colour, this dominant shade represents both passionate love and violent warfare. It demands attention. A statement colour that can either enhance or over power.

I am glad to see designers embracing this vixen of a colour again. What is even more amazing? Fur is also back.

I think that combination is the near perfect marriage.

And for me, this is how that marriage manifested itself.
Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red
Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat

It looks amazing open,

Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red front open

From the back,

Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red back view

And up close,

Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat in Rose Red detail

The best part of this coat is the detachable fur collar. Offering flexibility and versatility.

But I will most likely never wear it without that fantastic embellishment.


  1. Pretty Little World31 October 2011 at 16:55

    Of the runway looks, the second is my favorite. The red is so rich, and when paired with that (silver fox or maybe Chinchilla?) fur stole, it just sings.

    Also, do you think that most coats look better worn open? I kind of do, and would always wear them that way were it not for the snow + freeze we get here in Michigan winters.

  2. Yes! the lines are so clean as well. Red shirt and red pants with super simple hair. It's daring, yet classic. And the fur... So glad it is back in again this year.

    I think whether the coat looks better open or closed depends on the coat. I have some coats that look terrible when worn open, because of the extra width they seem to create? But some don't look good closed because they loose the casual cool feel.

    So yeah, I guess for me it depends.

    Hope your winter is gentler this year. Apparently Vancouver is suppose to get a bad one...

  3. Gorgeous coat! Red coats are a fav of mine, though I've yet to find my own. They just really pop during the dreary winter months when everyone else is wearing black and grey.

  4. Colour is fabulous. Totally agree with you, that's how I felt when I saw this girl in the crowded elevator with her redcoat amongst a sea of greys.

  5. That is a gorgeoussss peacoat !!! I love the way you’ve styled it–I never would have thought to style like that!