Monday, 17 October 2011

Sans fin soup

Charity and food is an amazing combination.

My lovely friend founded Shark Truth, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to promoting awareness, education and action for sharks and around shark fin issues in 2009.

Shark Truth has been able to save approximately 1000 sharks through contests such as this, Happy Hearts Love Sharks .

Recently, Shark Truth held a very kick ass fundraising contest.

Shark Truth sans fin soup contest logo

The event was held here.

Renaissance Vancouver Harbour Side Hotel logoA top the Vancouver skyline, in the 360Âș Vista Room, the event went off without a hitch.

The intoxicating smells of fine cuisine titillated our senses. It was going to be a great night.

Shark Truth Sans Fin Soup Contest compilation photo

Each table has soup paired with a beautifully prepared hors d'oeuvre.

We made our rounds and fed our bellies with expertly prepared Shark Fin free cuisine.

These are the awesome finalists of the contest.

Sans Fin Soup Finalists
  • Edmund Yee – P2B Bistro & Bar
    Abalone and Crab Soup & Fried Scallop Terrine
    ????????? ?
  • Tom Lee – Edible Canada at the Market
    Ginger Duck Soup & Pan Seared BC Shrimp & Crab Cake
    ??? & ?BC? & ??
  • William Tse – Sandbar
    Sans Fin Soup & Seafood Sampler
    ??? & ????
  • Todd Bright – Wild Rice
    Faux Sharks Fin Bisque & Geoduck Combination Platter
    ????? & ?????
  • Ben Lai ???
    Shark’s Fin Melon Cannellini Beans Soup & Chilled Tofu
    ????????? & ???
  • Montgomery Lau – Westin Wall Centre
    Triple Chicken Ham Stock Consommé & Drunken Chicken Rillette
    ???????? & ????
  • John Mok ???
    Golden Bridge Soup & Smoked Vegetarian Goose
    ??????? & ???

My favourites were the Golden Bridge Soup and the Shrimp and Crab Cake.

After we were fed, the rest of the night gave away to mingling.

Founder of Shark Truth and I

Of course the night would not be complete without some fashion.
Never fully dressed chiffon pearl cuff shirt

This is a Never Fully Dressed shirt. That sentence just made me laugh. It belongs to my lovely friend.

I placed my Forever 21 Glossy Bow Ring on her finger. The cuffs, my ring, and her nails make an awesome combo.

The night ended with a stroll back home.

Shark Truth is an amazing organization. Spear headed by someone who is not only passionate, but also knowledgeable, as well as brilliant and extremely savvy.Here is how one can be involved.
Shark Truth Donate ButtonShark Truth Volunteer Button

Shark Truth Petitions Button

Help save Harry and his friend's fins. I feel good doing it, by eating amazing fin free food.

Harry the Shark from Shark Truth


  1. I like being referred to as your lovely friend and honoured to have my cuffs make it onto your post!

  2. You are my lovely friend :)

    Thank you for lending your cuffs for this post!