Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring Colour Trends, mustard?

From colour denims to floral bottoms to Aztec prints, it seems this spring is going to be a slightly psychedelic one.

Even my previous post heavily embraces the idea.

But for some reason, all I have been buying lately are muted colours that are in the family of harvest colours, from gold to mustard, to oatmeal, to almond and avocado.

Amongst the sea of brights and print, somehow I find myself gravitating to the calm of more muted tones with solid colours through out.

Let's see what the trend forecast for Spring/Summer 2012 is out on the interweb's world of fashion.

From these are the Spring colour trends for 2012.

Spring Colour Trends,, Lime Blossom, Clotted Cream, Hemp, Tortoiseshell Shadow, Lupin, Foliage, Apple Sage, Jacinth, Formica, Smoothy

Spring Colour Trends,,, Wysteria, Asian Bronze, Shanghai Mist, Earth Anemone, Oxygen, Baby Doll, Marshmallow Rhubarbe Jelly, Babychick, Grape, Marsala

Glad to see some oatmeal and avocado and almond in there.

Refinery29 also predicted harvest colours when they were doing their trend casting.

These were the looks on the runway during Winter 2011 looking forward to 2012.

Refinery29, Spring colour trends, Harvest Gold, Almond, Avocado Green, slightly muted, "natural" colors

I accept this with full embrace and here is a sneak peak of my next outfit postnext next outfit post.

Mustard and bright orange? It can be.

Mustard kimono from J2J2, tiffany and co elsa peritti hearts, wilfred silk top, brown woven maxi skirt cambridge satchle co fluoro, faux fox tail

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