Monday, 9 April 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Shoe Lust

I am terrible in heels. Or I am just really bad at choosing foot wear that is comfortable and sexy. Those things exist right?
So far though, something that elevates me to dangerous heights have been designed to murder my feet.

The ones from my Sons of Granville post are strictly sitting shoes.

But I am to find salvation yet. Rumour has it, Jeffery Campbell makes amazingly comfortable shoes that also elongate ones legs for days.

In particular, his Lita boot is suppose to be as if you are walking on air.

Jeffery Campbell lita boot in black, black lita boot

Jeffery Campbell lita boot in black, black lita boot

I have yet to try these on myself.

I know my local Urban Outfitters carries them.

However, they only had bigger sizes left. As I was about to leave empty handed, these babes caught my eye instead.

Deena and Ozzy studdend platform wedge boot in black, black studded platform boots, deena and ozzy, urban outfitters

These Deena & Ozzy studded platform wedges are so comfortable. The studs actually look like sparkles instead when worn. See them in action in my next post.

I worked in them all day and not a single complaint. Expect maybe they make me tower over our work drawers a little too much and I ended up having to bend too low.

I still want a pair of Litas for myself though. Good thing they come in such a rainbow array of patterns and colours.

Jeffery Campbell lita boots

Image from Nasty Gal.

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