Thursday, 26 April 2012

Work outfits of the day

Instagram is saving me these days. Oh, feel free to follow me on Instagram under PoserSeries. I would be oh so happy.

Step aside DSLR, looks like my unexpected iPhone is earning its keep quite fast.

Here are my work outfits captured by my palm sized super machine.

aritzia top from twice loved, versace for h&m logo skirt, funky tights, gucci purse, work outfit, spring outfit

I love this outfit. Since I bought the skirt I have not worn it because it is a little hard to style. But it worked really well with these pieces since it shows off the skirt perfectly.

Outfit: Aritzia top from Twice Loved
Versace for H&M skirt
Gucci purse

romwe high low skirt and romwe tights, romwe, forever21 top, aritzia cardigan

I did not originally wear this skirt to work. The package of the skirt and tights et. al. arrived on that same day.

When I got to work, I realize they went amazingly well with the rest of my outfit and voila.

Outfit: hi lo skirt from this post tights
Forever21 top, old
Aritzia cardigan, old

Finally, we have what I cm wearing today.

obakki sheer silk shirt, bcbgeneration necklace

Today is probably the only day that I am dressed in a traditional business casual outfit. Since the rest of the outfit is not super exciting, I chose to showcase this necklace.

From BCBGeneration collection, it is absolutely amazing. I love the drama it adds to a plain outfit.

Almost the weekend. It's going to be sunny tomorrow, hope you all will have a chance to enjoy it.

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