Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Purse appreciation LV Monogram Multicolor Sologne

Monday, brain dead, especially since I had to work over the weekend.

Today's post is just going to be short and sweet.

I didn't realize this, but I wore the same purse with all my outfits last week.

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How did that happen. Probably somewhat due to extreme laziness.

But mostly because this purse really just went with everything! The fact that it's white with multicolor monograms just made it tie in with everything.

This style is discontinued and you can only find them via designer consignment stores now, for cheaper! I just love to scour consignment stores for the unique items that once was and will never be again.

Check out these online designer consignment stores if you want your own Sologne

Ann's Fabulous Finds
Yoogi's Closet
Portero Luxury

However, there are some other options, if being splashed with logos and brands is not really your thing.

Rafe New York - Ariana Pebble Leather Cross-Body (White)

RALPH LAUREN Laser-Cut Calfskin Cross-Body

Have fun shopping :)

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