Monday, 9 July 2012

My Corona

No I am not talking about the sipping kind. Though, today would be the perfect day for one.

Last Thursday night to Friday, I went up to Squamish to visit Micheal. He was away for the annual BC Bike Race. The event is a world wide recognized single track mountain biking extravaganza. People from all a round the world pack up their things, and get embraced by the beautiful British Columbian wilderness.

I went to visit him during the Squamish day.

BC Bike Race logo, Bear on Bike, Michael Jacoby design, BCBR

That is the logo he designed.

This is the station he manned.

BC Bike Race logo, Bear on Bike, Michael Jacoby design, BCBR, bears den, BCBR bears den

It was a gorgeous day and as I walked around Brennan Park Recreation Centre, these guys caught my eyes.


Since I had the day to frolic around while he worked, I quickly turned those flowers into decoration.

corona, floral crown, flowers, wreath, floral decoration, valentino sunglasses

They lasted a while, until finally welting to the unrelenting heat of the sun.

Cowboy hippie style, cowboy hats, Valentino sunglasses, summer style, flowers on hats

Style post is coming up. Here is a sneak preview.

shadow fun, shodow art

The outfit really does create a cute shadow.

Happy Monday everyone.

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