Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My GoJane Haul

I have heard of GoJane before my torrid affair with fashion began.

However, I have never really ordered anything from them. That is, until my recent visit to Cracked my most favourite humour site! You see, they have opted in with Google Adsense, cleaver targeted advertising got me! So I ended up ordering from the GoJane ad I saw. Oh wells, capitalism wins all the time.

Bet you are curious to see what I got!

GoJane Bag, Online shopping

My favourite part of receiving new things in the mail is how they are all so nicely packaged in their individual wrappings. Just like candy.

GoJane Haul, items from GoJane, online shopping

I opened the Distressed Skull Sweater first. I have been on a large oversized sweater kick lately. Not really in buying them but more or less in looking at them. But they never come big enough! It's probably because I am not small enough. Oh well, make do I guess.

distressed skull sweater, white sweater, GoJane Sweater, skull sweater, AA disco pants, online shopping, outfit, style, fashion

Over all I like the way the sweater drapes as well as the fun skull right in the middle. The distress adds to the over all comfy feeling.

Then I remembered the jacket! This amazing Spiked Semi-Sheer Jacket.

spiked semi-sheer jacket, spiked shoullders, close up of white jacket, awesome jacket, GoJane Jacket

spiked semi-sheer jacket, spiked shoullders, close up of white jacket, awesome jacket, GoJane Jacket

I love the spikes on the shoulder! Also, anything with shoulder pads really tugs at my heart strings as well.

But I am contemplating maybe exchanging it for a larger size. It looks okay in the photo, but I would like the shoulder pads to be more exaggerated, and now if I zip up, they lose that effect. I guess it comes down to if I would be wearing this more zipped up then not. I have some time.

spiked stud headband, embellished fishnet pants, GoJane orders, Online shopping

Yup, I'm that person that would order the same thing in different colours if I really like the style! When I saw these embellished fishnet tights online, I was pretty awestruck. But once I have them in hand they are slightly lackluster. I will show you guys a better photo in one second. But these spiked head bands I love though. I am probably late to the show, but better late than never.

So tights.

spiked semi-sheer jacket, spiked shoullders, close up of white jacket, awesome jacket, GoJane Jacket, embellished fishnet pants, white pants, white tights

They look cool eh? But on me, I was disappointed. So disappointing in fact I didn't even want to take a photo of them on. My thighs looked bigger in them than they do in my AA Disco Pants or some other tights. The construction also felt slightly cheap. For $36.50 a pop, I expected better.

But perhaps it's because I ordered these in a size too large?

I usually pride myself in the ability to order online flawlessly. So far my track record has been flawless. But the adage of there is a first time for everything proves that there is a first time for everything.

Who knows if I will actually send them back. My laziness might trump over my dissatisfaction and I will find a way to make them work anyway.

Nothing like getting new stuff for a hump day pick-me-up, but what if you are not completely satisfied? Does it still count? I will say yes, because, tee hee, I still got new stuff.

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