Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Portland Fun

Hello posers!

I went traveling again. Although just a short trip, this time I did cross the border and headed south to Portland.

I have never been! Super excited about shopping with no sales tax!!! I am pretty sick and tired of paying 12% on everything when the money I make already gets taxed.

The trip turned out to be more than just shopping.

It started off with some sumptuous foods.

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From decent French food at the Little Bird Bistro to large portions of Mexican food from Azteca to even the famous Redlobster I must say for the most part I enjoyed my bites.

Oh great, now I have huge cravings for refried beans!

We even tried P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

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Let me tell you, it was not bad. You can believe me too, because I am Chinese.

Most of our night time traversing happened around the Chinatown block. It's ironic how the Chinese population was actually nonexistent in Chinatown, instead it's littered with clubs around every corner.

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We didn't really stay out for too long before hunger had us and we had to go to the famous Voodoo Donuts. Good thing the line wasn't too long, the best were the Oreo and Bacon donuts! hmmm I would love one right now actually.

There were other points of interests around China town during the night as well. We didn't really explore that much since I wanted to save my energy for shopping.

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Though I probably should have visited the Arcade.

Or maybe seen one of these "ladies" perform.

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On our last night, we spent some quality time with some unique brews.

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From left to right: Cucumber, Pomegranate, Beet, Cinnamon and Classic

I liked the Cucumber and Pomegranate the best.

During the day, the food carts come out and play and they are definitely worth a visit.

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My last and most favourite meal in Portland was from Pork Chop City. I had their Pork Bento, which is basically their most delicious and juicy pulled pork over a bed of white rice.

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After drizzling on some of their own Hot Ginger Sauce it was to die for!!!

I had to take some sauce home with me because it was so good.

Until next time Portland.

I will share my spending spoils with you guys in my next post.

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