Monday, 15 October 2012

Eco Fashion Week Vancouver

The annual Eco Fashion Week kick starts tomorrow.

Centered around promotion sustainable fashion and reducing the impact of this $300billion industry has on the environment.

Eco Fashion Week Vancouver, SS2013, Eco Fashion Week

"Celebrating her fifth season as founder of Eco Fashion Week (EFW), Myriam and her team are informing and inspiring the fashion-conscious, and sustainable-minded, alike, in a way that harmonizes beauty and the environment. After all, innovation in fashion - the future of chic – is inextricably linked to innovation in, well, sustainability." --ECF website

As you all know, my style is heavily influenced by sustainable fashion. As almost every single outfit I wear is punctuated by a piece of second hand fashion.

I am a huge advocate for breathing new life into the old.

You can buy your tickets here.

Eco Fashion Week Vancouver, SS2013, Eco Fashion Week

I highly recommend checking out the 7pm this Wednesday the 17th for the Value Village for Eco Fashion Week event.

Three of Vancouver's fabulous designers are creating looks purely from items found at Value Village. Going to be so much fun to see.

Here are some of my favourite thrift finds. Hope you get inspired as well.

vintage italian shoes, LV epi leather cobalt blue cross body bag, fall outfit, harvest colours, fashion, style, vintage style, street style, thrift style

Vintage LV from Ebay, Vintage shoes from Talize

Vancouver Fashion Week, VFW, SS 2013, Vancouver, Fashion, Style, Vintage wrap, Louis Vuitton Speeding monogram 25, Designer Purse

Vintage shawl/infinity scarf from Talize

Balenciaga Sahara city with GGH, Floral shirt, Pink maxi skirt with DIY high slit, Yellow stelletto heels, summer outfit, Fashion, Style

Second hand Balenciaga from Ann's Fabulous Finds, vintage shirt and skirt from Value Village.

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