Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hi posers, been a little while.

My day job is cyclical and it has been busy lately.

Tomorrow is Halloween, even though the past weekend lent itself nicely to costume induced inhibition lowered drunken stupors.

In case you are all celebrating it tomorrow as well, here are some great make up ideas.

I recently discovered this amazing makeup guru, Promise Phan.

These are some of my favourite looks she did.

Maleficent Make-up Transformation

Zombie Skull Girl : Last Minute Halloween Look

Emily (Corpse Bride) Halloween

and last but not least, Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

And if you need a quick way to shorten a Halloween costume, check out my easy no-sew tutorial.

What's more, my treat for you all tomorrow is a NEW VIDEO!!

Have fun running amuck!

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