Thursday, 18 October 2012

Top Shop Canada Grand Opening

Today is the day!

Top Shop Canada has officially landed.

This is the largest footprint outside of the UK! So exciting.

This is what I wore.

tobi black and white shift dress, vintage thrifted camel colour coat, suspender tights, red pumps, pearl necklace, Tiffany key necklace, chanel patent leather purse, outfit, fashion, style, street style, chic style

The display is very impressive from Granville Street.

top shop store front, top shop in Vancouver, top shop, top man on Granville, Vancouver shopping, downtown Vancouver

I could spend hours in here. But when I look at the price tag, I lament that I'm not earning pounds instead.

Look at these amazing shoes.

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And these amazing purses and cute tops.

sparkling shorts, cute purse, denim bralet, top shop Vancouver, amazing selection, beautiful items

The way the mannequins are dressed is super impressive as well. Can't wait to see these looks translated to real life.

top shop dressed mannequins, amazing fashion, chic style, top shop Vancouver

There was so much to look at, until I happened upon my Holy Grail!

top shop vancouver tights wall, funky tights

Of course, leave it up to me to only buy tights. I swear I have a sickness.

tights from top shop canada, cool tights

Just to think, the day hasn't even started yet and I already had so much fun.

Maybe just one last look at these fall/winter essentials.

top shop canada finds, fall winter items, shopping, vancouer

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