Friday, 30 November 2012

Sometimes, all I want to do is Bite my Lips

This Chanel lipstick started it all. My piqued interested in lipstick.

Besides, I was tired of having this happen.

hair stuck to lipgloss

Even though I like seeing my ample lips shiny, the having hair in front of it is probably one of my least favourite things.

It means I can never have windows open when I drive as well. It is about time to graduate to lipsticks. Still, for some reason, that just seems ever so grown up to me.

I recently reached VIB status at Sephora, WooHoo! It means I get lured in to spend even more money.

This recent promotion is pretty kick ass though, $20 off on purchases of $50 or more. Perfect for me to satisfy my lipstick cravings.

Just so happens, I have had my eyes on these guys for sometime.

Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set, Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate, makeup, lipcolour

The Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set. For the smart shopper who wants to dabble in a little of everything before fully committing to one thing. Or, someone like me, who just wants to cover all facets of life.

Being only $29.00 dollars, I still needed to "spend" $21 or more to make my coupon eligible.

Since I am already on the lipstick trail, why not continue deeper down the rabbit hole.

So I got these beauts, too.

Bite Beauty colour shine to go tannin cin cin, bite beauty lipstick, sephora makeup, makeup, bite beauty

Bite Beauty Colour + Shine To Go in Tannin/ Cin Cin/ Champagne Pearl

The final dollars were spent on a Smith's rosebud salve balm, for the lips too of course.

Even the birthday gift this year is lip related.

Sephora goodies, Bite Beauty, Fresh, Smith's rosebuds salve lip balm, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, lip balm

So let's get on with the review already.

Sephora goodies, Bite Beauty, Fresh, Smith's rosebuds salve lip balm, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, lip balm

Here are the colours against non-lip pigmented skin.

Bite beauty Lipstick swatch, Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate, cin cin, tannin, bite lip colour, lipstick swatch, lip colour, makeup

From left to right, cin cin, tannin, shiraz, musk, fig, retsina, pomegranate.

I never need to buy lipstick again, even though I have some coming in my next TooFace order. I kind of have a problem.

I do like the size of these babies, I cannot fathom finishing a full size lipstick. At least with these guys I stand a chance.

Here they are on me. I did what I could with the lighting.

Cin Cin - a orange warm playful tone

Bite beauty Cin Cin Lipstick, Makeup

Tannin - a deep wine red that reminds me of Merlot

Bite beauty Tannin Lipstick, Makeup

Shiraz - a more purple and subtle take on red wine

Bite beauty Shiraz Lipstick, makeup

Musk - closest to my natural lip colour

Bite beauty Musk Lipstick, Makeup

Fig - frosty fresh pink

Bite beauty Fig Lipstick, makeup

Retsina - something I can never pull off, but the perfect nude

Bite beauty Retsina Lipstick, Makeup

Pomegranate - a bright red that is guaranteed to pop

Bite beauty Pomegranate Lipstick, make up

I like the formula of these lipsticks. Feels good that they are made using organic ingredients in small batches.

The lipsticks are well pigmented. However, they don't last as long as some other red lipsticks I have tried. I love the full library of colours this line provides.

My lips did feel hydrated through out the day. These cute Bite Size Samples would make amazing stocking stuffers.

My next goal is to make Retsina work for me.

Have a happy weekend and keep on posing.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Aukoala Ugg Style Boots for the Winter

aukoala ugg boots and shoes for winter 10% off

Happy Cyber Monday.

Are you all shopped out now? Now it's the perfect time to chill out in your sandals and pajamas and do some cyber damage.

After all, as the name aptly describes, it is Cyber Monday after all.

It's been getting colder and colder no doubt. I find myself yearning for some warm and comfortable boots.

These are the perfect ones. Coming at you from AUKOALA UGG BOOTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.

I put together three outfits that are inspired by these feet warming fashion statements.

We have come a long way since those classic Ugg days.

Red classic tall outfit AUKOALA UGG BOOTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, UGG boots, boots, red christmas sweater and sheerling jacket, red purse, red Ugg Aukoala Boots

Let's start with a bang! This perfect for Christmas outfit is so fun, and guaranteed to keep you warm. Whether you are out braving the cold, or shining bright at the Christmas Sweater Party.

Classic Tall - $180.00
Retail Price: $190.00
You Save: $10.00

Peacock outfit AUKOALA Ugg Boots INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, peacock feather tan ugg boots, chunky cable knit sweater, wine infinity scarf, blue pants, yellow beanie, green anorak, brown bag, winder style

The second outfit is much more versatile. Yet the peacock feather adds a special dimension of detail and playfulness. But I am a serious sucker for feather. I took advantage of the multifaceted characteristic of the peacock feather eye, I put many different solids together for this look.

Monica - $159.00
Retail Price: $169.00
You Save: $10.00

grey fur outfit AUKOALA UGG BOOTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Grey tassle and fur cuff Aukoala ugg boots, red jeans, grey sweater, grey coat, Margiela for HM necklace, brown satchel, winder style, warm and cozy

Finally, the fringe and fur is the coup de grace. Understated but different from the classic version. Lending itself perfectly to be paired with a fabulous pair of red jeans.

Fundy - $135.00
Retail Price: $145.00
You Save: $10.00

Have fun shopping.

ugg style australia sheep skin boots, ugg boots, aukoala boots

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

BassBuds for Black Friday

Happy early Thanksgiving my neighbors down south.

Even though us Canadians already gorged ourselves on Turkey weeks ago, I would still like to wish you a happy pre-turkey day.

To me, aside from passing out due to a turkey induced coma, the best part about American Thanksgiving would have to be the shopping that comes after.

Even Canadian retailers are jumping on the discounts band wagon and offering Black Friday Savings.

You're in luck today, I am kick starting your Black Friday early.

BassBuds Review, Multicolour BassBuds

Today's humpday pick-me-up is brought to you by BassBuds.

Use this code (BB75261) to save $30 off of these beauties.

This brand of amazing ear buds is well established in Britain. You can see these sparkling multifaceted beauties hanging out of musicians, athletes and celebrities alike.

It's no wonder, look how feature rich it is.

BassBuds Features:

Intergrated Microphone with Call/MP3 Controller
Answer/End Call Control
Play/ Pause your MP3 Player
Skip Forwards and Backwards through your music
Activate voice control commands.
Compatible with all Smart Phones
Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology
Precision-cut, high quality, light-weight and balanced aluminium housing
Anti-Tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable
FREE Stylish and Protective Storage Bag
FREE Black, White and Memory Foam Earbuds in 3 sizes
Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity
One of the largest earphone colour ranges in the world!
Choose from our Classics Collection or 2012 Fashion Collection

Besides all that, it also looks amazing! I felt so inspired by the design, I pulled three outfits based on three different colors of BassBuds.

The first is Platinum, don't forget to use this code for $30 off BB75261.

Platinum BassBuds product compilation, Earbuds, audio equipment, Audio and fashion

The beautiful sleet grey raincloud colour gives me the shivers in a good way. The real Swarovski elements gem sparkles like the sun rays peaking through from behind.

Platinum BassBuds with grey casual fun outfit compilation, Mustache top, grey slouch and leather jacket, grey skinny jeans, Jeffrey Campbell gold toe combat boots, Grey grand shopping tote, Platinum Grey BassBuds, Earbuds, audio equipment, Audio and fashion, polyvore

I love this inspiration outfit. It does perfectly with those earbuds, whether you are out running an errand, going to a casual date. Let BassBuds be your companion.

The next colour is the one I chose for myself. Yellow/Gold, don't forget to use this code for $30 off BB75261.

Gold BassBuds product compilation, Earbuds, audio equipment, Audio and fashion

What's more amazing than the shine of a golden glint decorating your ear as you glide across everywhere you go.

Thus, I put together a fun and shimmery outfit that can be worn anywhere. Just like your very own BassBuds.

Gold BassBuds with gold party outfit compilation, Trentch coat, gold top, gold pants, nude pumps, gold envelope clutch, Gold BassBuds, Earbuds, audio equipment, Audio and fashion, polyvore

I would love to run errands in this. You never know who you could meet when you leave your house.

The final look is my favourite. It's featuring the dark and mysterious Midnight pair. Don't forget to use this code for $30 off BB75261.

Midnight BassBuds product compilation, Earbuds, audio equipment, Audio and fashion

Black is universal, the shade that can go with anything. Whether it's a supporting cast, or the main star, it stands still and strong to make any one look amazing.

Midnight BassBuds with black gold edgy outfit compilation, black cardigan with gold studs, black and gold bustier, gold leather skater skirt, skull clutch, fancy leggings, Midnight black BassBuds, Earbuds, audio equipment, Audio and fashion, polyvore

After all, the holiday is coming up and that means parties and outings. my rendition of the prefect "little black dress" can be seen above. The elements come together seamlessly, just like the way BassBuds are designed. Fashion and function. This outfit will carry you through a dinner party to dancing afterwards.

Or even better, throw on those BassBuds and have yourself your own dance party.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow. But why not get your shopping done early. I'm sure you can find a pair of BassBuds for everyone on your list.

Check them out here: and use this code (BB75261) for $30 off!

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Man Repeller at Secret Location

There is a saying that goes like this. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

A few can do that better than The Man Repeller. Humour and a sense of style give her an undeniable edge in the blogging world.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to brush elbows with her at Secret Location.

Man Repeller and Poser Series, Fashion Bloggers, Leandra Medine, Man Repeller event at secret location in Vacouver

I almost missed the event because of work. So glad that this lovely girl put me on the list and I was able to catch the last bit of the event.

Aside from meeting and chatting with the lovely Leandra Medine the night was filled with extremely and outrageously amazing pieces of man-repelling pieces of fashion.

clothing items from secret location, edgy style, Vancouver Boutique, stylish items

The shoes and purses are simply divine!

clothing items from secret location, edgy style, Vancouver Boutique, stylish items, shoes from secret location

clothing items from secret location, edgy style, Vancouver Boutique, stylish items, purses from secret location

I had to rush to the event and did my best attempt to layer and put together a crazy outfit. I don't think I did all that well.

But inspired by Leandra's posts, here is my process of getting dressed.

I just got my new Tobi shipment, and I am largely a creature of convenience. Thus, this dress being strewn on the floor made it a natural choice.

Tobi embroidered silver dress, layering base

I needed at least another layer. In came yet another Tobi piece that was conveniently laying right beside the dress.

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer

The pop of orange is what initially drew me to this piece. But it also had a surprise, which will be revealed shortly.

Now what to put on my feet. Not to say those red heart dotted socks aren't darling, but I don't think I can go outside in just those.

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer, blue wedges

Perfect, the blue is a perfect compliment to the bright orange. On goes these shoes.

Now the surprise. Bam!

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer back view

Looks almost like a different item from behind. Oh hi-low, I love you with such passion! Your awesomeness knows no bounds

Perfect for showing off jean butt pockets and whatever other ASS-ets you may have.

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer back view

Now all that turning, messed up my hair.

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer

Fix my hair.

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer, blue wedges

Fix the hem.


Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer

Of course a purse is a must.

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer, Complete outfit, blue wedges, vegan purse

I think I looked presentable enough. Although, I could have been much more outrageous and random, given this is probably the one event where the crazier takes the cake.

But the important thing is, I got to meet her and have a chat.

Shop the look: Since I got all of these items on sale and/or at sample sale, the exact item is hard to obtain. So I present some close alternatives.
Blazer {Here}

Dress {Here}

Shoes {Here}

Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, 16 November 2012

My Maison Martin Margiela

Yesterday was the release of the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration. I went in the morning to try my luck, but the collaboration wasn't going to open to the public until 11:30am.

Duty calls, so I proceeded onto my day job. Besides, I was not able to get any decent photos with all the glare in the windows anyway.

Maison Martin Margiela for hm window display wristband color

I returned at night and was delighted to find a good number of items still available.

Plus, evening light makes much better display window photos.

Maison Martin Margiela for hm window display

Look at these crazy amazing shoes!

Maison Marton Margiela for HM footwear, Margiela for HM, clear heel boots, awesome footwear, edgy fashion

But I really want that leather jacket.

Maison Martin Margiela for hm window display close up

Inside, I headed straight for the accessories table and nabbed myself the waterfall choker. As I looked up, the nude bodysuit with integrated bra and the deconstructed leather jacket are both still available!! Hastily I ran to the fitting room with swag in tow.

Maison Martin Margiela for hm deconstructed leather jacket, edgy fashion

The jacket looks pretty good on me I think. Aside from the fact that it was probably two sizes too small >.<

At the present state, there is no way on God's Green Earth I was going to be able to zip it up. Damn those Euro sizes.

Then there is the bodysuit!

Maison Martin Margiela body suite with integrated bra, Maison Martin Margiela for HM, Margiela for HM, designer collaboration, edgy fashion piece

As expected, I totally love it! Except it too was two sizes too small. I felt like I was being vacuum sealed inside of it.

But they do look awesome worn together.

Maison Martin Margiela for hm deconstructed leather jacket and body suit with built in bra, edgy fashion

Disappointed to the fact that I may only make it out with the choker, I returned to try my luck once again.

Lo and behold, the bodysuit was still available in an array of sizes. Delighted, I grabbed the appropriate size and headed on my way.

Maison Martin Margiela for hm shopping bag, designer collaboration

Look at that shopping bag, big enough to house these guys.

three cats hugging

Really, it only housed these guys.

Maison Martin Margiela body suite with integrated bra and waterfall choker, HM designer collaboration, Margiela for HM, bodysuit and choker, fashion, collection

I love how all the items are re-editions of Maison Martin Margiela garments from various seasons. The bodysuit is circa SS 2007.

The collection is also about re-translating as well. Especially evident in the leather jacket, as it is made from pieces of men's jackets and reformed in a more feminine silhouette.

No doubt my dreams were all filled with deconstructed garments coming back together again..

Maison Martin Margiela for hm deconstructed leather jacket, edgy fashion

Maybe I will just buy it. Zipping up jackets is overrated anyway.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thrift Pieces for Guys and Girls

Seems like awhile since I have thrifted.

The online retailing world was lured me away from my roots. It's the daily bombardment of emails and ads and facebook feeds.

But one trip is all it takes to remind me of why I fell in love with the sport of thrifting in the first place.

There is little that is more satisfying than finding that seriously amazing piece of treasure that countless people have passed up on and knowing that I have paid next to nothing for it. Oh, and part of that money I spend goes towards a charitable cause. Plus it's eco fashion. Oh the benefits! Why did I ever stop?

This haul is not as big as some of my previous ones, but it's safe to say I love all of the items. Michael came with me again, and he found some amazing pieces, too.

Gentlemen first.

He didn't make out with too much, but they are all great items.

Benetton corduroy slim fit, guess sweater, navy striped hoodie, thrifted finds, men's fashion

My favourite item would have to be those United Colors of Benetton slim fit corduroys.

That is until these amazing Florsheim wing tips.

Thrifted wing tip Florsheim shoes, burgundy wing tip shoes, dress shoes, mens dress shoes, thrifted shoes

Effortlessly, they make a great casual pulled together outfit.

Triped hoodie, benetton corduroy slim fit pants, thrifted finds, florsheim wing tip burgundy dress shoes, thrifted fashion, mens fashion, outfit, style

I highly encourage you to visit our local thrift shop. But if that is not your thing, here's where you can find these items online.

Similar hoodie here or here.

Same shoes here.

Similar corduroys here.

Here are my spoils.

color blocking dress, embroidered shrug, seafoam shirt, saphire blue shirt, thrifted items, fashion

Thrifted large cable knite sweaters in red blue and yellow, large sweaters, cable knit sweaters, thrift finds

I can't wait to style out these items.

I also got some shoes.

stuart weitzman shoes, brown loafers, vintage lady shoes from france, thrifted shoes

But my favourite item of the day would HAVE to be this vintage Danier leather jacket?

Danier retro leather blazer with pearl buttons, green leather blazer, blazer with pearl buttons, thirted treasure

My iPhone white balance is whack, the piece is supposed to be the green color you see on the top right. It fits me like a glove! I definitely can't wait to style this one out.

Oh yeah, I got an oversized wool coat and a tribal print jacket as well.

Here's an impromptu outfit pulled from the items not individually photographed.

tribal jacket, striped shirt, black leggings, golden cowboy boots, thrifted style, outfit, fashion

Similar jacket here.
Similar shit here.
Similar cowboy boots here.

oversied london fog thrifted coat, over tribal jacket, golden cowboy boots, women's outfit, fall fashion, outfit, style, fashion, thrifted items

Similar coat here.

I hope you too would take some time out to do some of your own hunting. Now, go forth and prosper.