Thursday, 6 December 2012

SmartBuyGlasses Provides Smart Fashion

Our eyes are our best asset.

I am about to go super cheesy in one second. The eyes after all are the windows of our souls. (Go ahead, laugh, I did too while typing that line).

But I do believe it though.

These days, many people are making sure that eyes are unobstructed from view by getting rid of glasses with contact lenses or surgery.

I have never needed eyeglasses, but I have always admired the way they look on faces. It is the perfect framing item to bring out your eyes with very little effort.

Especially these days when there are countless options, styles and colours. SmartbuyGlasses has a huge selection of designer glasses.

I actually like myself in glasses.

Posing in Vintage wearing glasses, smartbuyglasses

It instantly adds something to my face that make-up can never do.

For certain outfits, it definitely calls for some spectacles.

Posing in Vintage wearing glasses, smartbuyglasses

I would like to challenge the style envelope and really bring glasses to the glamorous world.

One of my favourite designers also makes some fierce glasses.

I picked two Balenciaga pairs and went to town.

These Ombre Balenciaga in Doe inspired the perfect light outfit.

Balenciaga BAL 0059 D0E, Balenciaga ombre glasses, smartbuyglasses

Balenciaga BAL 0059 D0E, Balenciaga glasses outfit, leather jacket and gold outfit with accesories, smartbuyglasses

And these awesome black Balenciaga frames inspired this dark glam outfit.

Balenciaga BAL 0053 807, Balenciaga black glasses, smartbuyglasses

Balenciaga BAL 0053 807, Balenciaga black glasses, smartbuyglasses, black and gold and fur outfit,

Both of those outfits can easily go from day to night, from fun to formal. Much like the versatility glasses also offer.

As the holiday party season is approaching, why not look at those lenses as accessories and not burdens?

Next time when you are playing dress up, don't forget to also dress up your face.

Posing in Vintage wearing glasses, SmartBuy Glasses

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