Saturday, 26 January 2013

Aritzia Online Order Unboxing

So, have you too been bombarded by these "further reductions" emails from your favourite brands lately?

January is truly the best time to shop. Too bad of our wallets are recuperating from the holidays still.

I caved recently when Aritzia sent out their Siren's call.

Seduced yet again I reduced my shopping cart from six items to three.

Trigger was pulled and the shipment showed up three days after.

Retail therapy certainly works wonders for me.

I love it when a company pays attention to detail. The outer box is immediately impressive to me.

Aritzia shipment outter box

Then the inner box showed matching designs.

Aritzia shipment inner box

Aritzia shipment inner box

The items are even encased in their iconic wrapping.

Aritzia shipment wrappings

The inner box is lined with the most perfect shade of peach.

Yes, I do love being thanked.

Artizia shipment receipt holder

Artizia shipment wrappings

Artizia shipment wrappings

And finally, the product of my restraint.

Aritzia items, talula blue pants, talula red pants, wilfred velvet blazer

Some Talula Red BRONX PANT and Blue CLAREMONT PANT and a Wilfred velvet blazer.

Twists on some key basics that I can't wait to play around with.

Aritzia outfit, wilfred velvet blazer, talula pants, chanel purse, club monaco shirt

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