Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Vintage Floral Dress Alterations

Spring has sprung and Vancouver has been blessed with many beautiful sunny days.

Finally better from the flu and with my spirits lifted by the sun, I have been thrifting up a storm as well.

One of my favourite pieces called to me when I first saw it in the display window.

vintage floral dress, community thrift and vintage store window display

As always, Community Thrift and Vintage worked their magic on their display windows.

The also 70's cape top really caught my eye.

When I sought it out, I discovered that it's actually a super long dress.

vintage floral cape dress, vintage dress

I almost passed it up. I definitely won't be able to rock that dress as is.

But channeling the display window dressing, I could at the least tuck it into a high waisted dress. At the most, I can continue to hone some alteration skills.

It looks much better as a short dress already.

vintage floral cape dress, vintage dress

I actually didn't really document of transformation, it's actually rather simple.

I just bunched up the hem and whip stitched a few loops.

vintage floral cape dress, vintage dress

vintage floral cape dress, vintage dress

Yup, much better short and oh so bright and cheery.

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