Saturday, 18 May 2013

Romwe Lucky $9.99 Frugal Fashion Collection

Romwe is my go to stomping ground for outrageously unique leggings and any trendy street style gems of the like.

With prices already very reasonable, this time, they went above and beyond the call of duty and bring to you the amazing Lucky $9.99 collection.

Romwe banner, Romwe 9.99 collection, Romwe street fashion

See here for the entire collection:$9.99-c-179_205.html

Just how far can $9.99 stretch? Check out my picks.

Romwe, Romwe 9.99 collection, Romwe street fashion, sunglasses, collars, planet tshirt

1. "Planet" Black Irregular Hem T-Shirt

2. Leopard Rounded Sunglasses

3. Hollow-out Dark-brown Sunglasses

4. Colorful Big Frame Sunglasses

5. Splicing Hollow Round Glasses

6. Polygon Pendant Necklace

7. Dark Galaxy Print Collar

8. Rivet Chain Trim Black Collar

$9.99 for any piece!! 200+ styles
Available now! Limited supply! No restocking once sold out!

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