Thursday, 13 June 2013

KurateStyle - The Songza of Fashion

In early June, my friend, Jessica Karalash asked me to guest curate outfit collections for her new startup fashion website - KurateStyle.

jasmine zhu with Jessica Karalash founder of KurateStyle at ecofashion week

Me and Jessica at Eco Fashion Week 06

KurateStyle is like Songza, for fashion. Stylist-curated outfit collections for any occasion and mood. We all need a little inspiration sometimes. Seeing how someone else mix and match a certain outfit can spark that creative flame we all have within.

I usually browse style blogs for inspiration, but you have to know what you are looking for. This website does it all for you, you just have to know the mood you are in or the occasion you are dressing for. Certainly makes the morning routine so much easier. We all have that problem of a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

KurateStyle has a unique discovery process for helping you find the perfect outfit. Whether it's a hippie-chic look for a rocking out during festival season, or a Runway-Romance inspired look for your best friend's summer wedding - they have your back (and style).

KurateStyle launched their website prototype on June 2nd at Startup Weekend. Check it out!

kuratestyle team at startup weekend

kuratestyle team at startup weekend

They are working on plans for the launch of the full website - which I am really excited about! Sign up for their full website launch at - click "Sign up here".

Here is a introduction to their prototype website. Feel free to explore a little yourselves, in preparation for the real thing to come.

KurateStyle prototype website landing page.

Kuratestyle landing page

You can then chose the gender you are interested in exploring.

The woman's page provide you different moods and occasions to choose from.

kuratestyle woman's page

Based on your appropriate needs, you can then explore the said occasion.

shopping with girls kuratestyle set

The specific outfit then lead you to the detailed product shopping page so you can stock your wardrobe with pieces to create those exact looks.

kuratestyle shopping page

You can explore each shopping item even further by sharing it on your social media platforms or leave notes and reviews.

kurate style product detail page

KurateStyle is also looking for bloggers/stylists to curate collections, and fashionistas who would love to give feedback on the website.

Email them at or message the Founder - Jessica Karalash (@jessicakaralash on Twitter

Where to find KurateStyle:

I am so excite about this, every morning, Songza is the first thing I use to get me out of bed. Now I am going to have KurateStyle to help me get dressed as well? That's just too amazing. Remember to sign up right here.

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