Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I am so delighted to have received some sample sized YUZU AND SHISO HYDRATING CREAM from O R I Z É E, the First Canadian Natural Gluten Free Artisan Skin care line created with the enzymatic power of SakeKasu and uniquely formulated to maximize skin performance.

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I have noticed that rice is used in more and more skin care products. Rice protein is said to fortify skin's structure. O R I Z É E uses SAKEKASU, which is fermented rice paste that remains after the Sake has been pressed. Nutrient dense and probiotic, it is one of the most bioavailable foods in the world. The health and beauty benefits of Sake have long been known, and it is only recently that scientists have discovered the potent power of SakeKasu as a food, a medicine and an anti-aging treatment.

What has drawn me to this line is the fact that they are hand made in small batches, cruelty free and all natural.

We already live in a chemical rich world, I want to do what I can to minimize my contact with unnecessary chemicals.

Orizee skincare product, natural gluten free artisam skin care line, rice skin care

With all these said benefits, it definitely won't hurt me to give it a try.


Rice contains many minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. This super food not only nourishes the body, but also the skin. Because of its bioavailable delivery, powerful nutrition to the skin is delivered encouraging glowing skin.

Rice, and in particular SakeKasu, play a restorative role in skin health and beauty. The fermentation of rice frees the amino acids and fatty acids through enzymatic action to effectively absorb through the outer layer of the epidermis; thereby substantially increasing skin moisture and supporting collagen production. The lipids in rice, known as Gamma- oryzanol (Rice Bran oil), are the only substance to stimulate sebum by topical application. This makes it extremely valuable as an anti-aging moisture retention agent.

When the skin produces pigmentation, melanin is activated by an enzyme called Tyrosinase. SakeKasu interferes with Tyrosinase and stops the overproduction of melanin. As the epidermis sloughs off, the skin gradually brightens and freckles and age spots fade.

SakeKasu contains three powerful antioxidants: Succinic acid, Kojic Acid and Squalene. All three help eliminate free radicals and are known for their youth preserving, skin brightening and cell rejuvenating properties. Combined with three forms of natural Vitamin E and Ferulic acid (a natural UV absorber) in the rice grain, the Orizée Natural Skincare line plays an important role in sun protection.

Orizee skincare product, natural gluten free artisam skin care line, rice skin care

It has a light natural smell, and feels great against the skin.

I received a two week supply and will promptly report back on my findings after I have exhausted my supply.

Stay tuned.

In the mean time, you can check them out on their website, http://orizee.com/index.php and facebook and Twitter @OrizeeSkinCare.

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