Sunday, 22 September 2013

Necessary Clothing Aztec Shorts and Croptop for Fall

Sunday Funday!

Put on your Sunday best and head to church? Brunch? Shopping?

Here is my Sunday best.

Posing in Vintage Vancouver Fashion blog wearing necessary clothing aztec shorts, necessary clothing croptop

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Just kidding, the clouds are being wringed out right now. Back to the good old Vancouver, we did have such a great summer so no complaints, and embracing my free car wash as well.

I'm actually wearing this right now.

Vancouver Fashion Blog Posing in Vintage, Sheinside lace long sleeve top, cheap monday sheer maxi skirt, ROMWE Arena Print Leggings

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Also sitting at work, at least I am out of the rain.

Actually this whole summer I didn't really wear shorts, pretty much lived in dresses and skirts. But I did wear my fair share of crop tops, even made a few myself, see here.

However, just because summer is over, doesn't mean shorts and crop tops need to be packed away.

In fact, with the hem lines of shorts going higher and higher, I actually don't even feel comfortable wearing those shorts outside with my bare legs.

They looks okay in photos, but you haven't seen my backside, and no, there isn't a photo of it either.

Those photos will be the only documentation of me wearing this shorts with my bare legs.

For this exact reason though, these shorts are the perfect layering tool for a funky fall outfit, or two.

Stay tuned, next week I will be showing two great fall outfits featuring the shorts and crop top.

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