Monday, 16 December 2013

8 Holiday Appropriate Wardrobe Items from PersunMall

My vacation starts today! First thing I do is start my Christmas shopping. I usually don't leave it till so late, but good thing I don't have too many people to buy for.

I hope we will have a white Christmas this year, but chances are it will be a grey one instead. But that doesn't mean my wardrobe has to also be non festive.

Speaking of, these are some great holiday ready items from

Double Breasted Red Coat

Solid Flowers Vest Dress

Lovely Puppy Pattern Shoulder Bag

Retro Ethnic Style Totem Pattern Shirt

Sweater Stitching Chiffon Dress

V Neck Long Sleeve Dress

Vintage printed twistlock handbag

Vintage Solid Rilievo Jacquard Dress

Perhaps these will come in handy as gifts for that special someone? Or you just want them to cheer up your holiday look. Hopefully you find them as endearing as I do.

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