Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fashion Benevolence :: Obakki Foundation

As a fresh start to this year, I want to draw attention to the amazing things local companies around me do.

I learned of Obakki a few years ago. Their chic minimalistic design drew my attention. From time to time I would stop by the store and admire their unique set up and beautiful merchandize.

Eventually, the physical store was closed, all merchandise are sold online and by other high end stores, so they can focus their efforts on the Obakki Foundation. Since then, they have been drilling and monitoring wells in South Sudan.

Obakki foundation cover

Providing the most basic human need is where everything starts.

obakki foundation project

The foundation also built 2 schools in Cameroon.

Obakki foundation building schools

Find out more about their meaningful campaigns and projects.

We can help by directly donating to the cause.

Or, my favourite way, by shopping.

The collection of foundation merchandise is very affordable and 100% of the proceeds goes directly to fund their efforts.

I will be helping by making these three items mine.

Obakki signature scarf oxblood
Obakki signature scarf
Obakki foundation bkr water bottle

I love doing charity shopping.

Don't forget their regular collection too, which is 30% off as well.

Hope you will be joining on this meaningful fun as well. Don't forget to tag #Create4Change every time you share your fabulous self and the OF signature scarves.

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