Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A polished office look

This year, I have been drawn to more sophisticated and polished dressing.

Perhaps it has something to do with my day job. I am fortunate enough to have a passion on the side (this blog) as well as be employed doing something else I am passionate about (real estate).

Therefore, my day job calls for me to portray a sophisticated and polished appearance.

Even though I enjoy pushing the envelope and modifying classic looks, I find myself more and more drawn to clean lines and pieces that can be easily interchanged.

Does that mean I am slowing maturing?

There is just something so powerful when the garment fits properly.

Sometimes the most understated look gets the most attention.

Clothing really can change a person. I just feel so ready to close some deals in this outfit.

Having the right shoes don't hurt either. I have shied away from none platform stilettos in the past. I was always worried that I was not going to be able to walk properly in them.

However, the trick is all in finding the right shoe that has appropriate heel placement. The most important thing is to make sure the shoes fits properly. Gone are the bargain hunting days where price tag is the only thing I look at. After all, you are placing our entire body weight on your foot ware, it's crucial to make sure they are comfortable.

These Guess heels are the quintessential combination of form and function. I can last an entire workday in these babies.

Have a fantastic day! Happy well dressing.

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