Monday, 29 June 2015

Posing in Vintage Hand-me-downs

When you keep things long enough, it's bound to come back into fashion.

Too bad when my family moved to Canada in 1996 my mom left most of her wardrobe back there.

Luckily I have wonderful friends and their mother's closets for me to pick through.

I am all about recycled fashion and ecostyle.

Recently, I am also all about neutrals. Perhaps my taste really is maturing with age.

This outfit is absolutely perfect for a lazy summer's day.

Even more perfect accented by my vintage Chanel pin collected over the last couple of years.

A tiny pop of colour with this vintage faberge egg necklace.

It's also the perfect canvass for this Lana Del Rey style sunglasses.

This entire outfit including most of the accessories is either thrifted, bought second hand or hand-me-down. It's much more fun creating, mixing and matching.

Outfit: Crop top and nude slacks - Friend's mom's closet
Vintage Chanel pins, various places
Vintage Bottega purse from Ann's Fabulous Finds
Vintage sunglasses from consignment store on Main Street

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