Welcome to my captured motions page.

I will be displaying the videos I have made as well as videos of me made by other people.

Thrift Chic Challenge presented by Value Village full video. Also made by Shane Morgan, this is the full video introducing the challenge, along with me and two other fellow stylists.

Eco Fashion Week Thrift Chic Challenge teaser. Made by the talented Shane Morgan as a promotional teaser for my involvement with Eco Fashion Week 06, spring/summer 2013. I had so much fun with that entire project! My dream come true.

Alterations Without Sewing. Another sewless video on how to make your own corset back shirts

Easy Hair Tutorial: Soft Curls. My first hair tutorial, also my first crack at editing videos, my respect for video editors have since quadrupled!!

Blogging Inspirations - A Journey. See what it's like sometimes for me to get the inspiration I need to compose a post, an artistic interpretation done by the talented Michael.

Thrift Shopping Haul. Chronicling a typical thrift shopping trip for me, also a quick styling DIY on how to make a high low skirt from a regular skirt.

How to hem a dress without sewing. The earliest video I made, simple tutorial on how to easily make a long dress shorter without sewing.

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