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Friday, 30 November 2012

Sometimes, all I want to do is Bite my Lips

This Chanel lipstick started it all. My piqued interested in lipstick.

Besides, I was tired of having this happen.

hair stuck to lipgloss

Even though I like seeing my ample lips shiny, the having hair in front of it is probably one of my least favourite things.

It means I can never have windows open when I drive as well. It is about time to graduate to lipsticks. Still, for some reason, that just seems ever so grown up to me.

I recently reached VIB status at Sephora, WooHoo! It means I get lured in to spend even more money.

This recent promotion is pretty kick ass though, $20 off on purchases of $50 or more. Perfect for me to satisfy my lipstick cravings.

Just so happens, I have had my eyes on these guys for sometime.

Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set, Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate, makeup, lipcolour

The Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set. For the smart shopper who wants to dabble in a little of everything before fully committing to one thing. Or, someone like me, who just wants to cover all facets of life.

Being only $29.00 dollars, I still needed to "spend" $21 or more to make my coupon eligible.

Since I am already on the lipstick trail, why not continue deeper down the rabbit hole.

So I got these beauts, too.

Bite Beauty colour shine to go tannin cin cin, bite beauty lipstick, sephora makeup, makeup, bite beauty

Bite Beauty Colour + Shine To Go in Tannin/ Cin Cin/ Champagne Pearl

The final dollars were spent on a Smith's rosebud salve balm, for the lips too of course.

Even the birthday gift this year is lip related.

Sephora goodies, Bite Beauty, Fresh, Smith's rosebuds salve lip balm, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, lip balm

So let's get on with the review already.

Sephora goodies, Bite Beauty, Fresh, Smith's rosebuds salve lip balm, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, lip balm

Here are the colours against non-lip pigmented skin.

Bite beauty Lipstick swatch, Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate, cin cin, tannin, bite lip colour, lipstick swatch, lip colour, makeup

From left to right, cin cin, tannin, shiraz, musk, fig, retsina, pomegranate.

I never need to buy lipstick again, even though I have some coming in my next TooFace order. I kind of have a problem.

I do like the size of these babies, I cannot fathom finishing a full size lipstick. At least with these guys I stand a chance.

Here they are on me. I did what I could with the lighting.

Cin Cin - a orange warm playful tone

Bite beauty Cin Cin Lipstick, Makeup

Tannin - a deep wine red that reminds me of Merlot

Bite beauty Tannin Lipstick, Makeup

Shiraz - a more purple and subtle take on red wine

Bite beauty Shiraz Lipstick, makeup

Musk - closest to my natural lip colour

Bite beauty Musk Lipstick, Makeup

Fig - frosty fresh pink

Bite beauty Fig Lipstick, makeup

Retsina - something I can never pull off, but the perfect nude

Bite beauty Retsina Lipstick, Makeup

Pomegranate - a bright red that is guaranteed to pop

Bite beauty Pomegranate Lipstick, make up

I like the formula of these lipsticks. Feels good that they are made using organic ingredients in small batches.

The lipsticks are well pigmented. However, they don't last as long as some other red lipsticks I have tried. I love the full library of colours this line provides.

My lips did feel hydrated through out the day. These cute Bite Size Samples would make amazing stocking stuffers.

My next goal is to make Retsina work for me.

Have a happy weekend and keep on posing.