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Monday, 24 June 2013

Helen Jean Custom Dresses for Every Woman

Last week I attended the HelenJean Launch Event.

helen jean dresses on maniquins, Rachel McHollister, Jasmine Zhu, Natalie Langston, Katie Jeanes
From left to right:  Rachel McHollister - Founder of Social Mod PR, Natalie Langston - TV Host/ Producer, Jasmine Zhu and Katie Jeanes - Founder and designer of HelenJean

What is HelenJean all about? It's all about custom made dresses for game changing women from work to play. The perfectly tailor made dress that you can take with you from the board room to the dining room.

Can be regarded as the Indochino for women, even though they don't make suits, HelenJean focuses on making THE dress that offers the perfect balance between professional and fashionable.

The entire collection is a total of 12 dresses with minute but well places differences to offer something for everyone.

helen jean custom made dress collection

helen jean custom made dress collection

Like a style but wish it came in a different color? No problem, the dress can be made in any style with any color from their swatch.

helen jean custom made dresses swatches
helen jean custom made dresses swatches

Best yet, since the dresses are made in your unique size, you get to decide on what you want to put on the label. Does the dress make you feel powerful? Strong? or Beautiful? Great, they can be part of the garment to act as a constant reminder of how you feel while wearing the dress.

HelenJean garment tag
HelenJean garment tag

Why should we be reduced to a number or letter by the clothes we wear? What we put on our bodies should make us feel powerful, strong, beautiful, sexy and confident.

I absolutely fell in love with the idea of owning something completely custom yet at an affordable price of $197.00.

helenjean design sketch
helenjean summer dresses on mannequins

HelenJean is also taking part in the True Fashion Show and Fundraiser. It's going to be a great cause which yours truly will be involved in as well. I will provide more details in a future post. Today's star is HelenJean.

Thanks to Kuna Photography's beautiful photos, the dresses are expertly captured.

I highly recommend having a look at this amazing local designer, proud to be inspiring women to own their greatness, one dress at a time.

helenjean dresses on models

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Thrift Chic Journey

Today is the first day of Eco Fashion Week, I am actually watching the live streaming as I type out this post.

April 6th is the day that I got the call. From a simple twitter inquiry to conversing with the lovely Sonja Henrickson over the phone my Thrift Chic journey for Eco Fashion Week began.

Eco Fashion Week, Thrift chic challenge by value village

$500, 7 Value Villages and 15 outfits later, brings me to the day before the show.

I am no stranger to trudging through the isles in search of that next one-of-a-kind treasure. It felt like this challenge was made for me!

$500 goes a long way at Value Village, especially paired with their current 30% off promotion.

My involvement even drew the attention of Social Mod PR and Rachel wrote such a lovely piece on my experience for Thrifty and Green.

I hope my collection can do the eco-community proud. I love the idea of being Thrift Chic for any situation and under any circumstance.

Aside from saving massive dough, you are also helping out charitable organizations and being Eco-conscious to boot.

I can't wait to post the photos of the show afterwards. In the mean time, here is a teaser with a tally of all the money I spent on this collection. Thank you Savings Pass for making it possible for me to complete the challenge.

Here are the four seasons and how affordable they are.

Value Village Thrift Chic challenge Jasmine Zhu Winter looks

Value Village Thrift Chic challenge Jasmine Zhu Fall looks

Value Village Thrift Chic challenge Jasmine Zhu Summer looks

Value Village Thrift Chic challenge Jasmine Zhu Spring looks

Wish you can all be there tomorrow, if not physically, tune in to the live stream.