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Monday, 14 April 2014

Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 08

I am very excited to share the news of the 8th edition of Vancouver Eco Fashion Week with you guys.

This year, the format of this amazing event has been revamped and I can't wait to see what is in store.

ecofashion week, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 08

From April 27th to April 29, it will be three action packed days.

Eco Fashion Week Remix - Obakki, Value Village, Holt Renfrew & H&M Are At The Forefront.

Educational Series - H&M’s first appearance at Eco Fashion Week
Hosted at SFU Woodward’s in Gastown - April 27th, 12pm - 4pm
Pierre Börjesson, H&M ‘s Senior Sustainability Specialist, will speak to the H&M Garment Collecting Initiative - A global initiative that encourages customers to bring in unwanted garments of any brand and in any condition to H&M stores to be given a new life. As EFW’s Keynote Speaker, Börjesson will be joined on the schedule by Vancouver designer Jason Matlo, Maureen Dickson of Slow Fashion Forward, Value Village Chief Marketing Officer Karin Koonings and more.
Presented by Eco Waste and Bullfrog Power, EFW’s seminars use an interactive approach to empower fashion professionals and the public by opening up a discussion and offering solutions to shift the apparel and textile industries towards more responsible practices.

Followed by my favourite events.

Thrift Chic Challenge & 68 Pound Challenge Presented by Value Village

Hosted at The Fairmont Waterfront - April 28th
5:00 pm Opening Cocktail 7:00 pm Thrift Chic Challenge 8:30 pm 68 Pound Challenge
Thrift retailer Value Village returns to present the fifth edition of the Thrift Chic Challenge - a trend-focused event where three stylists are given a $500 allowance to create ten runway worthy outfits using only gently-used clothing from Value Village. For the first time, local stylists had the opportunity to submit their portfolio to Eco Fashion Week to win one of the three designer spots. The top ten looks were judged by a team from Value Village, West Coast Editor of Fashion Magazine, Joy Pecknold and fans of Eco Fashion Week via Facebook. Following the judging the scores were tallied to select the three stylists who made the cut - Lauren Clark and Lyndsey Chow of Hey Jude, Jerome Insorio and Ghazal Elhaei– to take on this season’s Thrift Chic Challenge. Young Oak designer Tammy Joe is the new talent behind Value Village’s 68 Pound Challenge. Sixty-eight pounds is the amount of clothing and textiles the average North American throws away each year and serves as the inspiration for this fashion challenge - creating a brand new fashion-forward collection from sixty-eight pounds of reworked clothing from Value Village.


Charity Shopping Night at Holt Renfrew to Feature New H Project Showcase and Fashion Show by Obakki
Hosted at Holt Renfrew - April 29th, 7pm - 10pm
Eco Fashion Week concludes with a Charity Shopping Night at Holt Renfrew, featuring a Fashion Show by luxury label, Obakki, whose Spring Summer 2014 collection is carried at Holt Renfrew as part of H Project. H Project is a shop of extraordinary products with extraordinary stories, curated by Alexandra Weston, Director of Brand Strategy, who will also be in Vancouver for the event and speaking for H Project’s newest concept “Uncrate India”. A portion of the nights proceeds will go to The Obakki Foundation, Obakki's philanthropic counterpart, that focuses on providing clean water and education in Africa.

I am proud to be attending such a meaningful event right in the heart of Vancouver. Fashion covers a huge part of our lives, the textile industry has tremendous impact in almost everything. As earthlings, we should strive to minimize the impact.

If you want to learn more about eco fashion alternatives and how looking great doesn't have to come at a grave price.

Buy tickets online here.

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Green Embassy at Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week will be underway very soon.

Vancouver Fashion Week header

I am extremely excited to be attending the Wednesday shows and cover Green Embassy.

GREEN EMBASSY is an organically certified artisan clothing brand created by Australian Artist and Fashion Designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills. GREEN EMBASSY is designed, knitted, spun, felted, stitched and embroidered from scratch at her sun-drenched farm in the Western Australian bush. GREEN EMBASSY combines the lack of eco-consciousness missing in the fashion industry with timeless designs, luxury organically certified materials, traditional handmade techniques, and elaborate art into fashionable, wearable pieces. With a unique mission to provide women with one of a kind garments that are both high quality and sustainable, it is easy to see why GREEN EMBASSY is a highly coveted brand. GREEN EMBASSY will be presenting their Haute Couture women’s line of handmade, one of a kind pieces that retail between $2000 and $15,000.

I am extremely excited to see what this great line has to offer.

Green Embassy at Vancouver Fashion Week

I have been waiting to see a couture green fashion line.

Green Embassy at Vancouver Fashion Week

Very excited to see how these items will glide down the runway.

Green Embassy at Vancouver Fashion Week

GREEN EMBASSY is Australia’s first internationally recognized organically certified fashion label. As a company they believe that sustainability should be at the heart of their business and of the fashion industry. With a strong focus on a modern minimalist feel along with practicality, eco-conscious consumers flock to the line. Zuhal herself find daily inspiration for her artisan line through mature textile crafting traditions, and the beauty lurking in the Australian Outback. Each and every garment easily shows her responsibility toward living sustainably, organic architecture, and art. GREEN EMBASSY uses only the finest materials such as 100% certified organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and organic natural fibers. The brand recently had a successful show for EcoLuxe London for London Fashion Week 2014, and is also participated recently in a Seattle for the “Everybody Every Body Fashion Show” where the debut of their Night in The Bush Collection took place. GREEN EMBASSY is also slotted to present in a New York eco fashion show for May.

For more information on GREEN EMBASSY visit

The show will take place on Wednesday, March 19th 2014 at 6:30 PM at 50 E Pender St. Vancouver Canada

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Claire Closet

Last season of Eco Fashion Week I met an amazing lady.

She took part in the Thrift Chic Challenge and her school marmy inspired looks gave me the chills.

The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge collage

That coupled with her positive and radiant energy I fell for her hard.

Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge

See even complete strangers couldn't pass up a photo op with this amazing lady.

Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge

Let's take a closer look at her creations down the run way.

Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge
Claire Bouvier, The Claire Closet EFW07 Thrift Chic challenge

After the show, I got to know her better in the EFW lounge. I found out that she is a school teacher and she teaches her girls the importance of eco-fashion. She calls them all CC (Claire Closet) girls. Claire uses thrift fashion as a tool to empower young women by giving them a voice and strengthens their personal style and identity via fashion. You can read up more about her mission here.

Her person story of how she found thrifting is very inspiring. She has grasped the importance of embracing uniqueness and loving oneself no matter what other people may think.

Check out her closet, The Claire Closet. On facebook, twitter and instagram.

I feel an extreme sense of kinship with this beautiful soul. I hope to be able to collaborate with her on many more projects.

Let's all get to know her a bit better but taking at look at her personal style while having her share some insight with everyone.

Q. Do you have any advice for girls who have always wanted to try thrifting but are intimidated?

A. I remember the first time I went. It was overwhelmingly exciting but also intimidating. There is SO much and you just don't know where to start! I always suggest to go through your closet and choose 2 things that you need. When you get to the thrift store "zone in" to the racks that have the pieces you are looking for and patiently go through the clothing. Take your time and be patient. It took me years to be able to spot quality and style quickly. You have to be persistent and know that after a few shopping trips it simply turns into an exciting treasure hunt. There is nothing more exciting than finding your new favourite _____________ for under $10.00.

1. Decide what pieces you are going to thrift for
2. Be patient and look through everything
3. Check for quality
4. Be persistent
5. Jump around when you find your lucky winner!

Claire Bouvier personal Style

Those are some great advices.

Q. Aside from thrifting, any other eco friendly fashion advices you can offer to budding eco fashionistas?

A. I would suggest to take your time and focus on your eco style. Define what your personal style is and what makes it unique. It's hard to style other people when you are trying to find your own style. Rock YOUR look and then that confidence will spark all the people around you. It's magical what can happen when you're confident in who you are.

Claire Bouvier personal Style

Speaking of styling.

Q. Your Thrift Chic runway show was so amazing, where did you get your inspiration from?

A. Thanks Jasmine! To be completely honest, I watched yours several times before making the voyage out to Vancouver. You were a HUGE inspiration.

(Aww shucks, I am so extremely flattered)

The inspiration for my show was the people in my life. I love people. I love their stories. However, I am particularly fascinated with the 30's, 40's and 50's. So, I brought those years and mixed it with the modern day woman. The inspiration was an electro swing feel.

(I must say she totally nailed it!)

Claire Bouvier personal Style

Q.Have you kept many of the pieces? And are they not integrated into your own wardrobe?

A. I have kept almost all of the pieces from the runway show. However, there were a couple pairs of shoes and accessories that I gave to my models after the show. They rocked them so well on the runway, they simply had to take them home. The rest of the wardrobe has become part of my teaching wardrobe. My collection was intended to be wearable therefore I happily wear each piece whenever I get the chance.

That's amazing, I know there are many pieces I would have loved to rock from the runway.

Claire Bouvier personal Style

Q. Any upcoming projects?

A. The Claire Closet is finishing up the first semester of eco fashion and art workshops. Once they are complete we will be hosting our second eco runway show in our new studio. We are so excited!

I am so excited too. Looks like a trip to the east coast is in order.

Claire Bouvier personal Style

Can't wait to connect with this amazing lady again. We are working on something with Value Village as well, hopefully everything works out. Stay tuned.

Jasmine Zhu and Claire Bouvier

Life is good.

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