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Friday, 4 January 2013

Shopping in LA

Yesterday was our first full day in LA.

I scouted out a few thrift stores to visit and we set out on our journey.

My outfit!!

shopping in LA outfit of the day, suspender leggings, luis vuitton speedy 25 purse

We started with Savers.

savers, thrift shopping, street style, necessary clothing tights, lv speedy 25

It feels exactly like a Value Village back home, I was not a fan. The prices were high and the selection was subpar.

They did however had some Christian Louboutin Mary Janes behind the display for $225. But upon closer inspection they prove to be fake :(. Soon to the next location we went.

I actually had a lot of hope for Good Will. These lovely vloggers I follow shop there all the time and come up with amazing things.

Good Will,  thrift shopping, street style, necessary clothing tights, lv speedy 25

Again, it was a let down. The Thrift Gods just weren't smiling down at me today.

My last planned stop was to American Vintage. The location is in Fullerton, and I must say it was a charming little stretch of street we landed on.

modex vintage and thrift store, Fullerton California

We ended up at Modex first thinking maybe it replaced American Vintage? And I'm glad we did.

This thrift store was condensed from a much larger one in Anaheim before. The owners wanted to downsize and sieved out all the best things to fill this little gem of a store. Finally I was successful. We also found out, American Vintage is still open and only a couple of stores down.

american vintage, fullerton california, thrift shopping, thrift haul

It was buy one get one half off too! Finally, my luck has turned.

burger parlor in fullerton california

After filling our bellies with the BEST burgers I have ever had from Burger Parlor. I developed an appetite for outlet shopping. The Desert Hills Premium Outlet was just the treat I needed.

Michael Kors watch, prada wallet

Today, we are going to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!

Stay tuned for my shopping reveals.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Portland Fun

Hello posers!

I went traveling again. Although just a short trip, this time I did cross the border and headed south to Portland.

I have never been! Super excited about shopping with no sales tax!!! I am pretty sick and tired of paying 12% on everything when the money I make already gets taxed.

The trip turned out to be more than just shopping.

It started off with some sumptuous foods.

Good eats, food, fine dining, travel eats, French good, Mexican Good, American food, Liitle Bird Bistro, Azteca, Red Lobster, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

From decent French food at the Little Bird Bistro to large portions of Mexican food from Azteca to even the famous Redlobster I must say for the most part I enjoyed my bites.

Oh great, now I have huge cravings for refried beans!

We even tried P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

P.F. Chang dinner, Lettuce wraps, Chinese food, Good eats, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

Let me tell you, it was not bad. You can believe me too, because I am Chinese.

Most of our night time traversing happened around the Chinatown block. It's ironic how the Chinese population was actually nonexistent in Chinatown, instead it's littered with clubs around every corner.

Fun out on the town, Voodoo Donuts, Portland, Outdoor club, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

We didn't really stay out for too long before hunger had us and we had to go to the famous Voodoo Donuts. Good thing the line wasn't too long, the best were the Oreo and Bacon donuts! hmmm I would love one right now actually.

There were other points of interests around China town during the night as well. We didn't really explore that much since I wanted to save my energy for shopping.

Portland night life, Arcade, weird things on the streets, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

Though I probably should have visited the Arcade.

Or maybe seen one of these "ladies" perform.

Portland night life, drag performers, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

On our last night, we spent some quality time with some unique brews.

Cucumber beer, beets beer, pomegranate beer, cinnamon beer, Amazing brews, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

From left to right: Cucumber, Pomegranate, Beet, Cinnamon and Classic

I liked the Cucumber and Pomegranate the best.

During the day, the food carts come out and play and they are definitely worth a visit.

Portland points of interest, Voodoo Donuts, Taco carts, Donuts, Pork Chop city, delicous, good eats, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

My last and most favourite meal in Portland was from Pork Chop City. I had their Pork Bento, which is basically their most delicious and juicy pulled pork over a bed of white rice.

Pork Chop City Pork Bento with Hot Ginger Sauce, Pulled pork on rice, delicious food, amazing eats, food carts, Pork Chop City, Portland, tourism, visiting, traveling, instagram

After drizzling on some of their own Hot Ginger Sauce it was to die for!!!

I had to take some sauce home with me because it was so good.

Until next time Portland.

I will share my spending spoils with you guys in my next post.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Whistler Weekend Retreat

As you know from my last post that I went away to Whistler over the weekend.

It was such an amazing and relaxing experience.

Such a treat to spend a lot of time with Michael as well since we never have a day off together.

Now I roll the highlight reel.

It started off with awesome snacks, cute puppies, silly faces and outdoor concerts.

Zogs poutine asian, pountine with meat sauce, napsack dogs, cute puppies, dogs, Said the Whale at Crank Worx, outdoor concert

Poutine at Zogs is a must for any Whistler visit. What can be better than cheese curds, gravy slathered over perfectly crispy French fries?! I even got mine with a meat sauce on top. Mmmm Mmmm Good.

We also saw these adorable puppies are huddled up in a napsack. so cute! Can you say doggie bag?

Since Crankwrox is going on we also caught Said the Whales at a free outdoor concert. :)

Then some amazing food.

Whistler eats, dinner at Sushi Village and Quattro, Quattro pasta, Crab cake, udon noodles, mixed sashimi poke, delishious, food, yummy

Udon and mixed Poke from Sushi Village and lots of delicious pasta from Quattro.

Don't forget fashion.

Outfits, bright shirt and lace shorts and Bottega purse, Designer purse, yellow shirt and high waisted short shorts with start studs, street style, fashion, style

For similar pink shirt get it here. For similar lace shorts, get it here.

Similar yellow shirt from here. Shorts from Romwe here.

My favourite dress. Get it here

Unif White Floral Dress with Yellow bowtie belt, dinner style, fashion, style, dinner style, date dress

And finally the beautiful journey home.

Scenery along sea to sky highway, beautiful british columbia, whistler, squamish, moutain and water, britannia mines, old boats, breathtaking, views

We also went to Scandinave Spa which forbade electronics. But it was amazing to soak in the different bathes, sweat in the different steam rooms and fall asleep in hammocks without a care in the world.

Now I am back and ready to work again, until Wednesday that is, and I am Portland bound.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Star Wars Cupcakes in 3D

The Sugah Shack does it again.

My lovely friend made these amazing cupcakes for Michael on his birthday.

The Sugah Shack red velvet Tie fighter, Tie Fighter red velvet cup cake with almond cookies, starwars cupcakes, R2D2 cupcake, Death star cupcakes, light sabre cupcakes

I am slightly envious because he got 3D structures of the Tie Fighters, with almond cookie sides!!!!!!

The Sugah Shack red velvet Tie fighter, Tie Fighter red velvet cup cake with almond cookies, starwars cupcakes, R2D2 cupcake

And look at that R2D2!! His is just SOOO cute!!!

The Sugah Shack red velvet Tie fighter, Tie Fighter red velvet cup cake with almond cookies, starwars cupcakes, R2D2 cupcake

But I still love my cat cakes

So why am I all of a sudden talking about these cakes since Michael's birthday was last month?

Well, today is one month away from Star Wars day! That's right, May the 4th be with you.

Couldn't be a better occasion to showcase these amazing creations.

If you are a sci-fi geek like me, you might be planning a Star Wars themed soirée? Well then, these delicious machines are a must have.

The Sugah Shack red velvet Tie fighter, Tie Fighter red velvet cup cake with almond cookies, starwars cupcakes

He certainly thinks so.

The Sugah Shack red velvet Tie fighter, Tie Fighter red velvet cup cake with almond cookies, starwars cupcake

She also has a delicious array of Easter Cupcakes if that is more your fancy.

Contact her anytime for some sweet sweets.