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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chic Boutique Alert :: Madonna and Co

Happy Sunday!

Great timing, I have a great shopping site/boutique to share with you. If you ever need to be decked out in your Sunday bests, this is the site to visit.

It's called Madonna & Co. With a flagship store in SoHo 284 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston)this shop captures the essence of New York elegance.

At the same time being very affordable.

Madonna and Co boutique banner

Here are some pieces I love! Very classic and easy to wear. especially if you want that effortless chic look.

The Hi-Lo Poet Shirt is the quintessential effortless chic look. This over leggings or skinny jeans, you are ready to brave any day.

Madonna and co hi lo poet shirt, over sized white shirt

I have always struggled with having the right coat, too. Temperature deems it necessary to not just wear my inside outfit. But most times, all the coat does is cover up all the good bits. But this Hi-lo Wool-Blend Tweed Coat is the exception.

The holidays is fast approaching as well. Madonna & Co carries some of the most on point holiday dresses EVER!

Part of the Pearl and Plymouth collection, these dresses will be the belle of any ball.

Madonna and Co pearl and plymouth lace dress, lace holiday dress
Madonna and Co pearl and plymouth leather and lace dress, leather and lace holiday dress

One of my favourite is actually this plain black Maxi Dolman Sleeve Dress.

Madonna and Co maxi dolman sleeve dress

When it comes to statement making, I believe simplicity and elegance is key.

Plus it looks like this from the back.

Madonna and Co maxi dolman sleeve dress

The best yet, this blank canvass lends itself very well to accessories. And these are some killer accessories.

Madonna and Co leather link necklace
Madonna and Co two tone necklace
Madonna and Co flower resin necklace
Madonna and Co intertwined necklace
Madonna and Co pearl and chain necklace

Check them out, your chic destination. Enter code blog2 for 15% off your entire purchase.

BOUTIQUE LOCATIONS & HOURS                                               
SoHo Flagship Store
284 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston)
NYC NY 10012
Hours: 11-8 Mon-Sat, 11-7 Sun

(212) 226-3363 /   toll free: 1 (888) 254-3447
Mail :   
Twitter   :
Pinterest :

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Amazon can give you the Galaxy

I just found out today that Romwe also has a store on Amazon.

If you live in the United States of America, you will receive your items 7 days after you order them. Which is much faster than usual, since the items usually comes from Asia. Shipping is still free.

The amazon store has a well stocked collection of galaxy items.

romwe galaxy collection, romwe on amazon

The galaxy print has even inspired love stories.

romwe galaxy skirt

Get your very own, here.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Aritzia Online Order Unboxing

So, have you too been bombarded by these "further reductions" emails from your favourite brands lately?

January is truly the best time to shop. Too bad of our wallets are recuperating from the holidays still.

I caved recently when Aritzia sent out their Siren's call.

Seduced yet again I reduced my shopping cart from six items to three.

Trigger was pulled and the shipment showed up three days after.

Retail therapy certainly works wonders for me.

I love it when a company pays attention to detail. The outer box is immediately impressive to me.

Aritzia shipment outter box

Then the inner box showed matching designs.

Aritzia shipment inner box

Aritzia shipment inner box

The items are even encased in their iconic wrapping.

Aritzia shipment wrappings

The inner box is lined with the most perfect shade of peach.

Yes, I do love being thanked.

Artizia shipment receipt holder

Artizia shipment wrappings

Artizia shipment wrappings

And finally, the product of my restraint.

Aritzia items, talula blue pants, talula red pants, wilfred velvet blazer

Some Talula Red BRONX PANT and Blue CLAREMONT PANT and a Wilfred velvet blazer.

Twists on some key basics that I can't wait to play around with.

Aritzia outfit, wilfred velvet blazer, talula pants, chanel purse, club monaco shirt

See similar boots here.

See similar shirt here.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fancy Pants

Fancy pants are not really pants.

They are Leggings!

shop romwe online, free shipping

Romwe leggings

I have loved Romwe for sometime now. Since I discovered this site, my leggings collection have grown exponentially.

Recently I have added to my colour collection with more amazing items.

Romwe "Big Wave" Leggings

Romwe big wave leggings

Romwe "Burning Fire" Leggings

Romwe flame leggings, burning fire leggings

Romwe "New York Skyline " Leggings

Romwe New York Skyline leggings

London Skyline Leggings.

Romwe london skyline at night leggings

Wearing leggings is like growing a second layer of skin that you can pain the decorate to your hearts content.

It can instantly brighten up an outfit no matter what season or occasion.

Outfit of the day necessary clothing tights, varsity jacket, vintage top, balenciaga purse

Happy Shopping! Here are some coupon codes.

$30 off $150+ at only be used once per customer, ends on 1/31/2013. Code 30Jan

$20 off $110+ at only be used once per customer, ends on 1/31/2013. Code 20Jan

$10 off $70+ at only be used once per customer, ends on 1/31/2013. Code 10Jan

Thursday, 6 December 2012

SmartBuyGlasses Provides Smart Fashion

Our eyes are our best asset.

I am about to go super cheesy in one second. The eyes after all are the windows of our souls. (Go ahead, laugh, I did too while typing that line).

But I do believe it though.

These days, many people are making sure that eyes are unobstructed from view by getting rid of glasses with contact lenses or surgery.

I have never needed eyeglasses, but I have always admired the way they look on faces. It is the perfect framing item to bring out your eyes with very little effort.

Especially these days when there are countless options, styles and colours. SmartbuyGlasses has a huge selection of designer glasses.

I actually like myself in glasses.

Posing in Vintage wearing glasses, smartbuyglasses

It instantly adds something to my face that make-up can never do.

For certain outfits, it definitely calls for some spectacles.

Posing in Vintage wearing glasses, smartbuyglasses

I would like to challenge the style envelope and really bring glasses to the glamorous world.

One of my favourite designers also makes some fierce glasses.

I picked two Balenciaga pairs and went to town.

These Ombre Balenciaga in Doe inspired the perfect light outfit.

Balenciaga BAL 0059 D0E, Balenciaga ombre glasses, smartbuyglasses

Balenciaga BAL 0059 D0E, Balenciaga glasses outfit, leather jacket and gold outfit with accesories, smartbuyglasses

And these awesome black Balenciaga frames inspired this dark glam outfit.

Balenciaga BAL 0053 807, Balenciaga black glasses, smartbuyglasses

Balenciaga BAL 0053 807, Balenciaga black glasses, smartbuyglasses, black and gold and fur outfit,

Both of those outfits can easily go from day to night, from fun to formal. Much like the versatility glasses also offer.

As the holiday party season is approaching, why not look at those lenses as accessories and not burdens?

Next time when you are playing dress up, don't forget to also dress up your face.

Posing in Vintage wearing glasses, SmartBuy Glasses

Let me know if you guys would like to see a giveaway from

It's also the perfect time to shop their Super Christmas Sale on gifts for him and her.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Aukoala Ugg Style Boots for the Winter

aukoala ugg boots and shoes for winter 10% off

Happy Cyber Monday.

Are you all shopped out now? Now it's the perfect time to chill out in your sandals and pajamas and do some cyber damage.

After all, as the name aptly describes, it is Cyber Monday after all.

It's been getting colder and colder no doubt. I find myself yearning for some warm and comfortable boots.

These are the perfect ones. Coming at you from AUKOALA UGG BOOTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.

I put together three outfits that are inspired by these feet warming fashion statements.

We have come a long way since those classic Ugg days.

Red classic tall outfit AUKOALA UGG BOOTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, UGG boots, boots, red christmas sweater and sheerling jacket, red purse, red Ugg Aukoala Boots

Let's start with a bang! This perfect for Christmas outfit is so fun, and guaranteed to keep you warm. Whether you are out braving the cold, or shining bright at the Christmas Sweater Party.

Classic Tall - $180.00
Retail Price: $190.00
You Save: $10.00

Peacock outfit AUKOALA Ugg Boots INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, peacock feather tan ugg boots, chunky cable knit sweater, wine infinity scarf, blue pants, yellow beanie, green anorak, brown bag, winder style

The second outfit is much more versatile. Yet the peacock feather adds a special dimension of detail and playfulness. But I am a serious sucker for feather. I took advantage of the multifaceted characteristic of the peacock feather eye, I put many different solids together for this look.

Monica - $159.00
Retail Price: $169.00
You Save: $10.00

grey fur outfit AUKOALA UGG BOOTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Grey tassle and fur cuff Aukoala ugg boots, red jeans, grey sweater, grey coat, Margiela for HM necklace, brown satchel, winder style, warm and cozy

Finally, the fringe and fur is the coup de grace. Understated but different from the classic version. Lending itself perfectly to be paired with a fabulous pair of red jeans.

Fundy - $135.00
Retail Price: $145.00
You Save: $10.00

Have fun shopping.

ugg style australia sheep skin boots, ugg boots, aukoala boots