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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Swimco Packing for Paradise

It's officially the first day of Spring! Though it's no surprise that Vancouver has decided to welcome it with some stormy precipitation.

However, the event I attended last week organized by Brookline Public Relations, Inc. was perfect for the first day of Spring.

The Swimco Packing for Paradise event couldn't have come at a better time.

I am heading to paradise in the form of Dominican Republic in May.

The event kick started my spring with a fresh fashion show showing off some fun spring trends. As well, we were fed by Season's Catering and pampered by Posh Digits Nail Salon and Manifesto Lifestyle Salon.

We had so much fun.

I was parched when I arrived and these came in handy.

seasons catering pink lemonade at swimco pack for paradise event

Then hunger kicked in and was sated by these delicious treats.

seasons catering at swimco pack for paradise event

seasons catering at swimco pack for paradise event

I love events that pays such attention to detail and coordinate other facets so seamlessly into the theme of the event.

Check out these great Packing Rules

Top 10 Packing Rules

Weekend getaway? A cruise? A few weeks at your favorite beach? No matter, follow these steps to get you & your stuff where you’re going.
Packing Rule #1 For attire, versatility is boss. If you can’t wear it on more than one occasion, don’t bring it.
Packing Rule #2 No matter the reason for your trip, it’s always a good idea to lay out your outfits before you start to fill your suitcase and decide what you’ll need & what you’ll wear with what. Remember the versatility rule, choose items you can wear with variety.
Packing Rule #3 Fold your clothes the retail way (or some people prefer to roll them)- this makes everything the same size so you get neat stacks.
Packing Rule #4 Avoid bulky clothing or items that take up a lot of room.
Packing Rule #5 Get yourself a double sided, zippered cosmetic travel bag that meets your needs. Always have it stocked with travel sizes of your facial routine, a small assortment of Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby pins, lip balm, etc. Restock when you’re unpacking and you’ll never have to worry about it.
Packing Rule #6 Take some time to check that all caps, lids, flip-tops are all securely closed, tightened or snapped shut. If it doesn’t snap or close tightly, you may have a mess to deal with.
Packing Rule #7 Use the pockets of your suitcase for things which don’t lie flat: swimsuits, crushable hats, underwear, bras, hairbrush, footwear and socks.
Packing Rule #8 Pack shoes last, sole up & wear your biggest shoes on the plane – you’ll save space in your luggage.
Packing Rule #9 Making the most of your carry-on. No one plans to lose their luggage but it can and does happen. Your carry-on is for the stuff you need until your luggage arrives: your swimsuit, electronic devices (cords & chargers too), any reading material or paperwork you may need for your trip, prescription medication, and if you wear contact lenses, keep your glasses & lens case in your carry-on.
Packing Rule #10 If you’re going to Europe or other spots abroad, remember you may need an electrical adapter.

Then the much anticipated fashion show kicked off.

Here are my favourite pieces from the show.

Swimco packing for paradise event fashion show, Blue checkered tankini from swimco

I never thought I was a tankini person, but on those days were you are feeling less than fabulous, this perfect piece offers the right amount of coverage while still preserving a sexy silhouette.

The next piece is my ABSOLUTE favourite!

Swimco packing for paradise event fashion show, Black fringe scrunch bum bikini from swimco

What's not to love in this fringe and scrunch bum combination. Once upon a time the scrunch bum biniki was reserved for Miami boutiques or can only be ordered online. I am so excited to see it being adopted far and wide. That is seriously the most flattering cut for bikini bottoms. It doesn't cut in at all, only flatters that bum you have been working so hard to show off.

The fringe on top just rounds off the entire outfit. Coachella anyone?

After the fashion show I was able to get some great make up and hair tips from Manifesto Lifestyle Salon that is very applicable to my upcoming trip.

swimco packing for paradise event, make up by maniifesto salon

The tip is to keep the face light and fresh with muted colours. At night, glam things up a bit with more shadow and that's all you need to go from day to night when you're on vacation.

I was quite excite to get some hair tips.

swimco packing for paradise event, hair by maniifesto salon

When it comes to hair it is all products and braids. To keep your hair easy and beach, section your hair off into four section and make some loose braids when your hair is damp. After your hair dries, you will have some loose tossled waves. Spray on some sunscreen for your hair and you're ready to go.

I wish I didn't just do my nails the night before. The ladies at Posh Digits Nail Salon can do a mean manicure. Plus those are very beautiful mystery hands.

Swimco pack for paradise event, posh digits at swimco red manicure

I can't wait to use all the tips I have learned on my trip. I hope you can apply them too on your trips.

I think I dressed to part with my body suit and spiked bra. Don't you?

outfit at swimco packing for paradise event, vintage body suit, spiked bra, LV speedy 25, michael kors watch

If I were to have one one-piece, this one would be it.

swimco packing for paradise event, swimco one piece spring swim suit

Is it May yet? Not yet? Well, I see many of these in my future.

swimco packing for paradise event, drink umbrellas