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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Eshakti Made to Measure Dresses

Recently, I had the pleasure to review a great website that provided made to measure service on the vast array of dresses they offered.

eShakti is a women's wear website that made dresses based on your measurements.

The ordering process is very simple, you can either choose to order one of the preset sizes, or input your own measurements. Dictate the length of the garment, add or remove pockets. You can also change the design of the sleeves! A modest $7 fee is charged for custom orders.

This checkered dress is what I decided to review.

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

The cut and design makes it an ideal dress for the office.

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

The quality of the garment is very nice. Seams are lined up well and material is sturdy.

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

The customer service representatives are very eager to make sure you are happy with your experience.

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

Eshakti checked custom dress, fashion blogger

If you need something that fits to the T, and want some control in the design of the garment, do check out eShakti.

They have super fun skirts as well.

If you are going to pay over $70 for a dress, might as well make sure it fits you well.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I am so delighted to have received some sample sized YUZU AND SHISO HYDRATING CREAM from O R I Z É E, the First Canadian Natural Gluten Free Artisan Skin care line created with the enzymatic power of SakeKasu and uniquely formulated to maximize skin performance.

Orizee skincare product full line, natural gluten free artisam skin care line, rice skin care

I have noticed that rice is used in more and more skin care products. Rice protein is said to fortify skin's structure. O R I Z É E uses SAKEKASU, which is fermented rice paste that remains after the Sake has been pressed. Nutrient dense and probiotic, it is one of the most bioavailable foods in the world. The health and beauty benefits of Sake have long been known, and it is only recently that scientists have discovered the potent power of SakeKasu as a food, a medicine and an anti-aging treatment.

What has drawn me to this line is the fact that they are hand made in small batches, cruelty free and all natural.

We already live in a chemical rich world, I want to do what I can to minimize my contact with unnecessary chemicals.

Orizee skincare product, natural gluten free artisam skin care line, rice skin care

With all these said benefits, it definitely won't hurt me to give it a try.


Rice contains many minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. This super food not only nourishes the body, but also the skin. Because of its bioavailable delivery, powerful nutrition to the skin is delivered encouraging glowing skin.

Rice, and in particular SakeKasu, play a restorative role in skin health and beauty. The fermentation of rice frees the amino acids and fatty acids through enzymatic action to effectively absorb through the outer layer of the epidermis; thereby substantially increasing skin moisture and supporting collagen production. The lipids in rice, known as Gamma- oryzanol (Rice Bran oil), are the only substance to stimulate sebum by topical application. This makes it extremely valuable as an anti-aging moisture retention agent.

When the skin produces pigmentation, melanin is activated by an enzyme called Tyrosinase. SakeKasu interferes with Tyrosinase and stops the overproduction of melanin. As the epidermis sloughs off, the skin gradually brightens and freckles and age spots fade.

SakeKasu contains three powerful antioxidants: Succinic acid, Kojic Acid and Squalene. All three help eliminate free radicals and are known for their youth preserving, skin brightening and cell rejuvenating properties. Combined with three forms of natural Vitamin E and Ferulic acid (a natural UV absorber) in the rice grain, the Orizée Natural Skincare line plays an important role in sun protection.

Orizee skincare product, natural gluten free artisam skin care line, rice skin care

It has a light natural smell, and feels great against the skin.

I received a two week supply and will promptly report back on my findings after I have exhausted my supply.

Stay tuned.

In the mean time, you can check them out on their website, and facebook and Twitter @OrizeeSkinCare.

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Year in Review

This year came and gone way too quickly.

I can clearly remember exchanging presents for last Christmas.

But what a year it has been.

Here are some of my favourite outfits.

See You Monday chiffon hi lo shirt, necessary clothing moto tights, lita shoes, urban expression vegan cross body purse, hot lips betsey Johnson necklace, vintage cross necklace, outfit photo, fashion, style

Maison Martin Margiela for HM, Margiela for HM, designer collaboration, deconstructed leather jacket, margiela leather jacket

Tobi embroidered silver dress and Tobi orange blazer, Complete outfit, blue wedges, vegan purse

Hobo style, hobo outfit, patterned sweater and pants, cashmere BCBG sweater, brown booties, vintage infinity scarf, LV Louis Vuitton Mahina, Fashion Style

Necessary Clothing Seafoam green shirt with gold buttons, Necessary Clothing glitter shorts, Vintage gold cross necklace, Tobi yellow pumps, Balenciaga Sahara city with Giant Gold Hardware, Designer Purse, Street Style, Fashion, Funky, sexy, stylish, Vancouver

Unif Flounce Dress in light pattern, floral maxi dress, floral layered maxi dress, dusty rose large flower belt, propaganda blue knit shrug, romwe tights, kimchi blue platform suede brown and black sandals, street style, fashion, poser style, spring dress, green fields, gold vintage quilted crossbody purse, unique items, statement dress

Some of my favourite things.

Chanel Hula Hoop SS 2013 purse large white, Chanle runway purse, Chanel Runway collection, Chanel 2013SS runway, Karl Largerfeld, best beach bag ever, Karl Largerfeld is a genius, designer purse, amazing purse, fun purse, paris fashion week

Urban Decay Vice palette, Eye Shadow Palette, Make up, Urban Decay, New Platte, beautiful makeup, makeup review

Balenciaga sahara city with GGH, Designer Purse, Balenciaga, tan purse, gold hardware, HG bag

We Love Colors leggings, tie dye leggings, crazy leggings, fun leggings, original leggings

black bassbuds, crystal ear buds, audio equipment, bassbuds review, bassbuds coupon code

Maison Martin Margiela for HM hual, shopping, HM designer collaboration, designer collection, shopping haul, MMM for HM, Margiela for HM, shopping reveal

And some of my favourite stores.

Jennyfleur loves inside, Jennyfleur loves boutique inside the store, Vancouver


Holly boutique logo, holly logo

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, I wish you all a stylish and fabulous one.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Sometimes, all I want to do is Bite my Lips

This Chanel lipstick started it all. My piqued interested in lipstick.

Besides, I was tired of having this happen.

hair stuck to lipgloss

Even though I like seeing my ample lips shiny, the having hair in front of it is probably one of my least favourite things.

It means I can never have windows open when I drive as well. It is about time to graduate to lipsticks. Still, for some reason, that just seems ever so grown up to me.

I recently reached VIB status at Sephora, WooHoo! It means I get lured in to spend even more money.

This recent promotion is pretty kick ass though, $20 off on purchases of $50 or more. Perfect for me to satisfy my lipstick cravings.

Just so happens, I have had my eyes on these guys for sometime.

Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set, Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate, makeup, lipcolour

The Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set. For the smart shopper who wants to dabble in a little of everything before fully committing to one thing. Or, someone like me, who just wants to cover all facets of life.

Being only $29.00 dollars, I still needed to "spend" $21 or more to make my coupon eligible.

Since I am already on the lipstick trail, why not continue deeper down the rabbit hole.

So I got these beauts, too.

Bite Beauty colour shine to go tannin cin cin, bite beauty lipstick, sephora makeup, makeup, bite beauty

Bite Beauty Colour + Shine To Go in Tannin/ Cin Cin/ Champagne Pearl

The final dollars were spent on a Smith's rosebud salve balm, for the lips too of course.

Even the birthday gift this year is lip related.

Sephora goodies, Bite Beauty, Fresh, Smith's rosebuds salve lip balm, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, lip balm

So let's get on with the review already.

Sephora goodies, Bite Beauty, Fresh, Smith's rosebuds salve lip balm, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, lip balm

Here are the colours against non-lip pigmented skin.

Bite beauty Lipstick swatch, Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate, cin cin, tannin, bite lip colour, lipstick swatch, lip colour, makeup

From left to right, cin cin, tannin, shiraz, musk, fig, retsina, pomegranate.

I never need to buy lipstick again, even though I have some coming in my next TooFace order. I kind of have a problem.

I do like the size of these babies, I cannot fathom finishing a full size lipstick. At least with these guys I stand a chance.

Here they are on me. I did what I could with the lighting.

Cin Cin - a orange warm playful tone

Bite beauty Cin Cin Lipstick, Makeup

Tannin - a deep wine red that reminds me of Merlot

Bite beauty Tannin Lipstick, Makeup

Shiraz - a more purple and subtle take on red wine

Bite beauty Shiraz Lipstick, makeup

Musk - closest to my natural lip colour

Bite beauty Musk Lipstick, Makeup

Fig - frosty fresh pink

Bite beauty Fig Lipstick, makeup

Retsina - something I can never pull off, but the perfect nude

Bite beauty Retsina Lipstick, Makeup

Pomegranate - a bright red that is guaranteed to pop

Bite beauty Pomegranate Lipstick, make up

I like the formula of these lipsticks. Feels good that they are made using organic ingredients in small batches.

The lipsticks are well pigmented. However, they don't last as long as some other red lipsticks I have tried. I love the full library of colours this line provides.

My lips did feel hydrated through out the day. These cute Bite Size Samples would make amazing stocking stuffers.

My next goal is to make Retsina work for me.

Have a happy weekend and keep on posing.