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Monday, 27 August 2012

Havaianas the Perfect Summer to Fall Transition Piece

As the temperature outside begins to creep down and the stifling summer air slow transitions to breathable again, we are reminded that Fall is approaching.

For fashion, Fall is where it's at.

From sophisticated prints, to luxurious fabrics, to the endless possibility of layering, Fall is really the true fashion playground.

I have started prepping my fall wardrobe.

However, there is still the tail end of summer here reminding us that we will need a couple of good transition pieces to ease into Fall.

This year, why not stay opened toed a bit longer and transition using some flip-flop sandals?

Havaianas is a fun brand that can do just that.

These sandals are great! They are well constructed, last a long time and look great as well!

They have colours of the rainbow as well as various different designs.

My personal favourite are these Missoni Slim Rachels.

Havaianas Missoni Slim Rachel sandals, Missoni Sandals, Missoni Flipflops, Havaiana flip flops, designer sandals

Just imaging these with a brown or any harvest colour maxi-dress finished off with a denim jacket? Transition outfit is born!

Summer to Fall transition outfit compilation, Havaianas Missoni sandals, designer sandals, brown maxi dress, cropped light denim jacket, cross body fringe bag, peacock feather necklace, style, fashion, Polyvore

What about these cute Slim Lace sandals?

Havaianas, gold, flip flops, lace, sandals, slim

Picture them with a pair of grey harem pants, a loose knit sweater and a big scarf that can also be used as a shawl. We have another transition outfit.

Summer to Fall transition outfit compilation, Havaiana Slim Lace sandals, Mini cross body purse, cross large sweater, grey Harem pants, large drappy scarf, style, fashion, Polyvore

As the thermometer drops even lower, you can check out their close toed shoe collection.

We all know how comfy Toms are for walking around town. These Ballerina Espadrilles are no exception.

Origine Ballerian Espadrille Havaianas, Flats, Havaiana shoes

I would easily wear these with some cargo pants, a ribbed tank top and a over-sized military trench coat over it all. There, your fall transition is all set.

Summer to Fall transition outfit compilation, Havaiana Origine Ballerina Espadrille, Poenza Schouler satchel, tank top, cargo pants, slouchy beanie, military overcoat, style, fashion, Polyvore

Don't discount your flip-flops just because the weather is getting cooler. They can be worn for a lot longer and with a lot more than just your bikinis on the beach, or bunny like short shorts.

You can even get married in them with their Bridal Collection.

Havaianas bridal collage

Enjoy the last few days of August and have fun prepping your prefall/fall wardrobe with some Havaianas.