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Monday, 21 November 2011

A Tale of Two Tent Cities: Versace for HM vs. Occupy Vancouver

To quote Dicksens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair" This quote could not have set the tone better for this post.

I am playing journalist today.

The Versace for H&M collaboration launched at the Vancouver Pacific Centre store November 19th 8am. The queue to shop started much earlier outside on the cold, mean streets.

Versace for HM line-up, Versace, H&M, Pacific Centre
Versace for H&M line-up

Fashion die-hards and eBay opportunists brave the cold and started to occupy H&M 12hrs before the launch.

Wait, what say you? It was much longer than 12 hours? Apparently, the line started to form as early as 4:00pm the afternoon before!!  Well I say, good on ya, you fashion soldiers of fortune.  May your opportunistic spirit guide you to prosperity.

So who are you pitching a tent for these days?

Occupy Vancouver, Tent City, Line-up for Versace for H&M, Versace for H&M, Versace, H&M

Occupy Vancouver vs. Versace for H&M

We live what seems like the worst of times, and the best of times.

Here we see the occupy Vancouver tent city protesting the 1%. And down the street we have the fashion die-hards feeding the 1%.

Google map, Google map of Pacific Centre Core, Pacfic Centre, Vancouver Art Gallery, Tent city comparison

Tent City Locations

One tent city is filled with people that struggles to have their basic needs met in this is the winter of despair and beyond, while the other one is filled with people that struggle to get their superfluous wants met, what lies ahead for them is the spring of hope.

Seems like these days, if you believe in something, you have to show your faith by pitching a tent for it.

I pitch my tent for street style.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Talize, Thrift shopping, Vintage fur trim full length coat, fur trim full length coat, Fur trim coat, trapper hat, H&M, vintage cross body purse, Street Style

Ready for Winter

Trapper Hat from H&M

Everything else from Talize

I would be more inclined to listen to the dwellers of Tent-city if they had a clear and concise message.

Occupy Vancouver Signs, Signs, Occupy Vancouver

I find the one that proclaims "what is our one demand CHANGE" particularly familiar.  I get asked that every time I walk around downtown Vancouver.

But instead, the protest is convoluted and directionless. Who are you really angry at? Do you really have a bone to pick with the "1%" that worked hard for their money. Not only that, they are also the job creators. Through their wealth, they give other people an opportunity to also become wealthy, or at least, meet their means. Perhaps it's time to do some self reflection? There are no handouts. If you don't want to be pitching a tent in the cold mean streets then do something about it. Stop complaining about your situation as if the world owes you. If your desire is to be coddled then move to a socialist country. Or, how about this concept? Get a job?!?!? Or is serving your capitalist overlords an equivalent of a “fashion don't”? But I digress; at least we know exactly why the people outside H&M were pitching their tent for.

This amazing collection.

Versace for H&M, Versace, H&M, Versace for H&M collection

Versace for H&M lookbook compilation

Thus my support lies with these people. Your persistence and numbed body parts will not be for nothing. I would have joined you if I did not have to fulfill my obligations to my 1% the next day.

Items are already popping up on eBay. The leather goods especially are being sold for double.

Behind the glass lie the coveted treasures.

Versace for H&M, Versace, H&M, Versace for H&M display window, H&M display window collage

The coveted treasures

But alas I am kept on the other side, peering and pining.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style,  H&M display window, Versace for H&M, H&M, Talize, Full length fur trimmed coat, Vintage purse, H&M trapper hat, trapper hat

Glass is oppressive


What is this? A Versace shopping bag you say?

Versace for H&M, H&M, Versace, Versace for H&M shopping bag


I couldn't let this go without at least visiting the store. When I got there, this is all that is left of the carnage.

Versace for H&M, H&M, Versace, Versace for HM

The carnage

And the left over stock is rapidly depleting as well. So I snatched up this little number.

Versace for H&M, H&M, Versace, Blue two tone tights, Versace for H&M tights

Spring of hope

Upon initial inspection, she's proven to be a challenge. However, I will best her and absorb her as part of my wardrobe!  But if not, I have 14 days to get my money back.

Or... will trolling H&M in the coming days be fruitful?

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