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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M wishlist

The impending release date of the Versace for H&M collaboration is soon to drop in Canada. November 19th to be exact.
Since I have to work on Saturday, I probably will not be able to join in on the fun. But maybe I can make something happen.

These are the items I have been drooling over since the get go.

My Versace or HM wishlist

Studded Purse, $199.00
Mesh bracelet, $34.95
Logo necklace, $59.95
Silk dress, $199.00
Pants, $34.95
Jacket, $349.00
Belt, $129.00
Suede boots, $179.00

The collection is super fun. Maybe I will be able to squeeze in a visit before I have to work? But after reading the how to shop section on H&M's website, my plan might be foiled after all. is a great source for all the latest fashion news.

Today, they posted a great article on designer collaboration with mass retailers.

In summary, the success of these collaborations is not measured in dollars, but rather media coverage and attention. They work as massive advertising campaigns for both the label and the retailer.

I personally think these collaborations are generally a good idea. Take for instance this particular one. H&M's e-commerce site crashed the moment the line was made available. I believe the frenzy will spread to Canada on the 19th as well.

Of course many of these pieces will end up on e-bay, when the patience of waiting for hours in the cold gets rewarded monetarily. Oh, and of course, you will also own a piece of fashion history.

The collection will come and go, but the effects will be everlasting. H&M will have added another designer name to their repertoire, and Versace would have gained many potential buyers.

So, how do I get myself some of that fabulous studded edge?

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Versace for H&M

Is anyone else as excited as I am about the next designer collaboration at H&M?!?!

I know I am counting the days!!

Versace for H&M
Pricing and the full collection has just been released not too long ago. The collection is expected to hit stores and online from November 17th, 2011. In Canada, Japan and the US, the launch is scheduled for Nov 19th, 2011.

No doubt crowds will gather to obtain a piece of fashion history.

Lets take a look at the entire collection.

Versace for H&M collection1 Versace for H&M collection2
Versace for H&M collection3 Versace for H&M collection4
Versace for H&M collection5 Versace for H&M collection6
Versace for H&M collection7 Versace for H&M collection8

I love the way this collection captures a young spirit, some one that is on the move but wants to be noticed.

The collection centers around leather and silk, from fun prints and fringes to structured jackets and flirty dresses.

These are some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

Versace for H&M studded leather jacket Versace for H&M silk floral cropped jacket
Versace for H&M Gold Choker Versace for H$M Gold Logo Choker
Versace for H&M black silk dress Versace for H&M Silk and Leather dress
Versace for H&M Scarp Sandals Versace for H&M Suede booties
Versace for H&M Gold Metallic Dress Versace for H&M Pink Silk Studded Dress
Versace for H&M Black Studded Skirt Versace for H&M Black studded leather dress

Can't wait to see this collection in person.

For full pricing and collection details, please visit the below links.
H&M official page
Versace promo page