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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

HelenJean Crowd Funding Campaign

A little while back I went to a media event for a local designer launching her summer line.

Vancouver Fashion Blog, Vancouver Dress designer HelenJean
Img credit: Kuna Photography Group

Before I knew it, HelenJean has captured my heart.

These seemingly simple dresses are incredibly chic and versatile.

The best part, you can totally wear them from the office to a night out.

Vancouver Fashion Blog, Vancouver Dress designer HelenJean

The founder of HelenJean, Katie Jeanes is a firm believe of promoting positive self image. As a result, these fabulous dresses are made to measure and not dictated by a size or number. You get to choose your own intention tags with an empowering word.

Vancouver Fashion Blog, Vancouver Dress designer HelenJean

However, in order to create their next collection, they will need your help.

They had launched a crowding funding campaign through IndieGoGo HelenJean: 40 Days to Greatness.

With a goal of $10,000, it will give them all the funds to keep producing amazing and empowering garments for game changing women.

Your donations come with great perks as well.


$10 - Intention Tag Wall Paper
Five Sets of Inspiring Phone and Laptop Wall Paper Tailored To Your Intention

$25 - Girl Power Playlist (curated from the best women in the business)

$50 - Limited Edition HelenJean Scarf (options may vary depending on availability)
Bali Scarf

$100 - Limited Edition HelenJean Silver Bracelet (options may vary depending on availability)
Bali Bracelet

$150 - Any Existing HelenJean Dress at 25% Off

$250 - Custom Designed HelenJean Dress (sample design)
Custom Designed Dress

$500 - HelenJean Power Outfit
Scarf, Bracelet, Custom Designed Dress, AND a Pair of Sunnies

$1000 - Fall Collection Sponsor
All Six Styles From The Fall Collection at a Special Pre-Sale Price
Second, we'd love your help getting the word out about HelenJean—both this fundraiser and the project in general. We can't be everywhere and we don't know everyone who'll want to be involved—yet, anyway—so we really need your help. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or your favorite online or real-life networks of choice increases our chances of getting more women in HelenJean, chasing down their dream like its the last bus of the night.
To facilitate this, we created a few pre-rolled some <140-character messages for your tweeting convenience:
Can you always find the perfect thing to wear? Don't click here:

Think women+fashion=vapid & materialistic? Think again!

Help women own their greatness! #leaningin

Wish the women in your life knew how beautiful they are? Put your $ where your heart is:

Changing the face of fashion, one dress at a time:

Women+fashion+custom fit= a better world. Support @HelenJeanCo

The new collection will incorporate more trends to offer more variety and spice.

Spread the word, join in on the campaign and make their #40daysofgreatness a reality.

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