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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Shopping Haul from LA

Just got back from LA yesterday. Had such a great time going to theme parks and shopping.

It's such a gorgeous day in Vanncouver today. Looks like I came back just in time and missed the week worth of rain.

Downtown Vancouver View

I am going to share some of my favourite items amongst my loot with you guys today.


Michael re-organized the solarium recently as well. It's such a cute reading place now. Today, I will use it as my photo room.

As my previous post chronicled, the only place I found something on the first day was from American Vintage.

vintage dress top and jacket from American Vintage, Vintage sequined dress, vintage silk crop top, Vintage velvet jacket

These are the lovely items I found. The best is this vintage Salvatore Ferragamo loafers.

vintage Salvator Ferragamo shoes, vintage designer shoes, American Vintage find

We went into Beverley Hills the days following and true shopping really started.

On Ventura Blvd, I came in contact with Wasteland and Crossroads Trading Company.

On our final day, I found Buffalo Exchange.

Finally, I have satisfied my thrift cravings.

Neon Forever21 sweater from Good Will, Oversized sweater from Crossroads

Forever 21 sweater from Good Will, oversized chunky knit from Cross Roads.

juicy couture purple sheer top

Juicy Couture top from Buffalo Exchange.

Denim jacket with leather sleeves from Wasteland, Divided Varsity Jacket from Buffalo exchange, jackets

Denim jacket from Wasteland, Varsity jacket from Buffalo Exchange.

As luck would have it, the Target and Neimen Marcus collection was on clearance for 70% off!

Luckily, most of the items I wanted are still in stock, albeit most were the last ones left.

Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt from Buffalo exchange, Marc Jacobs scarf neimen marcus for target collection

Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt from Buffalo Exchange, Marc Jacobs scarf from Target.

Robert Rodriguez sleeveless top and batwing top, Robert Rodriguez neimen marcus for target ruffle sleeveless top, robert rodriguez bat wing top

Robert Rodriguez ruffle top from Target, Robert Rodriguez batwing top from Crossroads.

Brian Atwood Sunglasses, Brain Atwood neiman marcus fro target collection, seventies sunglasses, designer sunglasses

Brian Atwood sunglasses.

All in all it was a great trip. Ecofashion is the way to go.