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Thursday, 9 August 2012

GoJane Embellished Fishnet Tights Review Update

It's rare to see bloggers write retractions. Well at least I haven't really came across many.

But I would have to retract what I said about these GoJane Embellished Fishnet Tights in my previous post.

I was disappointed with them initially when I tried them on with the wrong shoes. So really, I am to blame.

When I got home and slapped them on with my Litas, voila! Problem solved! They look fierce as heck!

GoJane embellished fishnet tights, fishnet tights, fierce tights, red top, fierce outfit, fashion, style

Some caveats stand with wearing these tights properly though.

1. Must pair with boot type shoes that connects with the bottom of the tights seamlessly. Having any part of skin showing will not work

2. The fabric is very thin, especially on the white ones, must wear seamless nude underpants. Unless you are daring then show off your pattern, but I am not there yet.

3. Rock them with confidence as they will definitely attract attention.

Update on the jacket as well, it's a keep at size Small since it fits everywhere else.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bridge of the seasons

This summer has never fully made a presence. Now it departs just shy of the end. Let us pay homage to the days where we don't quite know whether it is the beginning or the end. Like an infinity scarf that anchors an outfit.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine Zhu wearing Fall trends infinity scarf, Street Style

I absolutely love this self-made infinity scarf! It's huge first of all, I can totally get lost in it. The cherry on top is the fact that it is a vintage item from Talize.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine Zhu sitting with Balenciaga giant pink city designer purse, Street StyleI misplaced my cheap gold aviators that I stumbled upon a while ago. As I was driving down Granville, the store Zoe caught my eye. A quick trip inside lead me to their end of season sunglasses clear out. I was reunited with another pair of gold aviators. Versatile and easy to wear. Adds that extra pop to a lot of outfits.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine Zhu standing with Balenciaga giant pink city purse, boots, sunglasses, Street Style
Two years ago I started buying designer purses. A pink Balenciaga Giant City was pretty much my Holy Grail bag. is a great source for designer goods at amazing prices. Most importantly, it's a place where you can find discontinued colours. For a great review, visit, Spotted Fashion Reviews

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Blank and white with red highlights in Jasmine Zhu's hair, Street Style

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine Zhu leaning next to beautiful tree, Street Style

I love pairing feminine pieces with some edge. The Kimchi Blue top's soft rosey hue is made extra apparent by the black bottoms. The studs on the Harley Davidson booties as well as the liquid black tightsgive outfit the right amount of edge.This outfit was thrown together the last minute. It was one of those rare days that both my boyfriend and I had the day off. A stroll to the park became more.

Where to buy.

John Richmond Aviator Sunglasses Zoe Boutique
Zoe Boutique location

Black chiffon skirt and black Harley Davidson booties Talize
Talize thrift super store location

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