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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Post Boxing Day Boxing Day

I decided not to go boxing day shopping this year. At first it seemed like such an awesome idea. But by the end of the day, I went stir crazy. Note to self, deprivation is never the way to go. When not doing a certain activity, one must replenish with another activity in the same intensity.

Sitting at home instead of shopping was definitely not an equal exchange.

Luckily for me, Talize had their "boxing day" on the 27th this year. Everything 50% off!

This is my haul!

Clothes in a pile, Talize haul, leather jacket, hm garden shirt, parasuco shirt, fringe suede leather vest, scarf, sequined top, little black dress

These days, boxing day lasts for at least a week it seems. Making going shopping on the 26th more of a sport training event than anything else. My vote next year is to visit boutiques, they would much more likely hold one-day sales that is true to Boxing Day.

Last year, I went to Talize on the 26th because they had their 50% off sale then. But this year, I received an email that they were to have the 50% off sale on the 27th. It is a very smart strategy in my opinion. Since people are probably shopping at full price retail on the 26th. And it has given me a second chance to scratch my deal seeking itch.

I am very happy with what I went home with. The best part is, I spent less than 60 dollar! Wee!

I can't wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Let's take a closer look at some of the items.

I have always been a fan of Parasuco in my younger years. Their designs in the early 2000's is fantastically awesome. Recently though, it seems they have gone the safer route. But this shirt is definitely from the earlier genre.

Parasuco white lace like shirt, white lace shirt, parasuco, Talize Find, Thrift Fashion

I am a child of the 80's. More so than ever I have been embracing the shoulder pads. I love all things retro and this leather jacket sums it all up. It's buttery soft and beautifully worn in. Yet it's in impeccable condition. Best part of this, it was only $7.00 after the discount! Oh, not to mention, I have ALWAYS wanted one with the detail on the sleeves, collar and the lining.

80's leather jacket, retro leather jacket, Totally 80's women's leather jacket, 80't leather jacket made in England, Talize Find, Thrift fashion

The shirt lends itself well to layering since it is so form fitting. With the addition of this detailed sweater, a scarf and the leather jacket, an outfit is born. All courtesy of Talize!

retro leather jacket, parasuco shirt, sweater, scarf, Talize finds, Thrift finds, thrift fashion, totally 80's women's leather jacket, layering

The disco pants in this post would finish off the outfit beautifully.

From my haul, forms yet another outfit. This time, one decade older.

Welcome to the flower child era of the 70's. By this, I mean the H&M Garden Collection white cotton shirt and this awesome suede fringe vest.

HM garden white cotton shirt, suede fringe vest, 70's suede vest, Talize find, Thrift fashion

Some say that fringe is out, it was doomed from the start anyway. Something so impractical and filled magic can't possibly be made to last. But I never obeyed any rules any way. To finish off this outfit, I would borrow the bottoms from this post.

Finally, something with a bit of sparkle. Just in time for the last party of the year.

Little black dress, beaded cropped top, new years eve dress, Talize find, thrift find, thift fashion, party fashion

I actually walked past that top three times. Hesitated and left it alone again and again. Until finally I decided there would be no harm in trying it on. What do you know, it would end up being one of my favourite purchases that day.

I can never get sick of that feeling when at the check out, my total comes to the amount of how much one retail item would cost me.

Thrifting, definitely an art form that requires a little bit of timing, a little bit of luck and a lot of patience. It is also so rewarding when shopping means saving the planet and donating to charity.