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Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy Monday Mobile Post

*Apologies to my subscribers for getting this post three times. On the phone it said posting failed. Looks like there are some kinks after all :P*

I have a iPhone now, though it came to me in an unexpected way. My Blackberry decided to break at a crucial moment which forced me to seek a new phone. But once I got the new phone, the BB decided to work again.

That's life I guess? Well it's a good thing. I love this phone.

I can do so much more. Such as documenting my eccentricity on the fly.

tights love, asos big heart tights, funky tights

Asos Big Hearts Sheer Tights

Asos Lucky Charms Garter Tights

Even the beautiful things I encounter on my strolls.

cherry blossoms, spring, Vancouver, beautiful flowers

Vancouver, stroll, tulips, spring, beautiful flowers

I can even capture my outfits on the run.

evil twin hi lo tie dye top, aritzia tank top, aritzia dress pants

Outfit: Evil Twin tie dye hi-Lo hem top from J2
Aritzia tank top
Aritzia dress pants

Happy Monday everyone, I hope the weather hold true and keep on improving.