Friday, 7 October 2011

Organization saga

What do you do when you have taken over the in suite storage room as a walk in closet? Either cut down on buying more things... OR, get really awesome storage/organization items to help tame the abundance.

Most of my shoes have been living inside shoe boxes for some time now. The reason being I simply do not have enough room to store them any other way.

I have yet to see shoe racks that can hold more than 20 pairs of shoes. Not only that, good quality ones that are not made purely of plastic and cave in onto itself when it is loaded with shoes are REALLY expensive.

So, when I discovered a 50 pair shoe rack at a low price, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase one. At first it was from an online site, but after waiting weeks for its arrival, I decided to cancel the item and source it from a local supplier.

Finally, 2 days ago, I finally had my 50-pair shoe rack. So it claims...

Anyway, the installation process was simple enough. It was merely shoving metal rods into plastic holders repeatedly and then stacking 3 of the smaller holder together to form a big one that would hold my 50-pairs of shoes!

After 15 minutes I was free to enjoy the fruit of my labour by re-organizing my "walk-in closet". I can finally liberate all of my shoes from their captive boxes.

After 45 minutes I was finished. Big sigh of relief as I stepped back and enjoyed the beautiful finished product. Then I petted myself on the back for a job well done and drifted off to enjoy the rest of my night.

One hour later it was midnight. As I crept into bed and began my wind down process... a nasty... loud... disturbing noise disrupted the peace I was just about to enjoy.

Fearing the worse, I slowly crawled out of my bed. And what do I find?

broken shoe rack with lots of shoes everywhere
weak-ass shoe rack

That's right! My worst nightmare!

The shock of seeing my shoes intermingled with each other lying decrepit on the floor and the now dilapidated shoe rack made me laugh and cry at the same time.
Upon further inspection. I found the culprit.

So it would seem that one of the holes that the metal rod was previously inserted into has decided to abandon post.

As it was already late into the night, I decided to go to bed and worry about the carnage the next day.

In the morning, I risen out of bed with trepidation. I cautiously approached the carnage.


It looked as if I was super lazy and really didn't know what shoes to wear and thus decided to pull most of my shoes out, try them on and then haphazardly thrown them back.

Or my closet finally had enough and revolted by vomiting my shoes up.

This is definitely not the state I should leave the shoes in. What can I do then? I thought about putting the shoes back into their captive boxes again. But since they have tasted freedom, there is no way they are going to go back without a fight.

Then, ding!, lightbulb! Since only one of the three sections were broken, I can salvage what I can and settle them in their temporary home until I can find a more permanent solution.

After 20 minutes.


Mess begone!!

I was pretty pleased with myself. Those are some drastic before and afters.

But this is not going to be the permanent solution. Since one would be crazy to think I would keep the shoe rack after what it has put me through. That POS is going back for a FULL REFUND!

So after lunch with a friend, I set out to seek a permanent solution.

After scouring my brain for a solution, I realized that the best thing is probably something similar to what is currently holding my boots up.

Then I went to forage Canadian Tire and Home Depot for the product.

Alas! Canadian Tire had it. However, since the rack is meant to be a storage room space saver, it only came standard with 5 shelves.

That is not nearly enough. But they did not sell the shelves separately. So I was forced to buy 2 of those things. I will then have to MacGyver my own ULTIMATE shoe rack.Armed with one rack in each hand. I charged home.

Once in my humble abode, I eagerly unwrapped everything and poured the contents out. After studying the instructions I went off looking for tools.

My heart sunk as I realized that I didn't actually have any tools!!

I needed this,

wrenchand more importantly, this
Flat tip screw driver

But all I had is, this
Jasmine Zhu's thumb and finger

and, you've gotta be kidding me, this

Butter Knife

So armed with my fingers in one hand and a butter knife in the other, my arduous journey of screwing 105 nuts and bolts began.

2.5 hours later I was still not done. So I said, screw this! And went to meet a friend to walk his this.Victor Kam's black pug, Pugsley
The walk plus venting rejuvenated me. With new found gusto, I finally finished the last 10 bolts.

The finished product is beautiful. Standing just over 5' tall, gleaming in industrial grey and sparkling with metallic silver accents. My shoes would have a new home!

As I slid, not-so-weak-ass shoe rack home. I can't help but be reminded of the graph of success. Usually phallicly represented by this.

Graph of success

But in reality, it's much much less glamourous and probably looks more like this.

But it was all worth it when, in the end, I went from this,

broken shoe rack with lots of shoes everywhere
weak ass

to this,

Jasmine Zhu's organized walk in closet
not so weak ass

Now I have a functional closet, and finally I can see all of the shoes I have.

I would say it was well worth the tumultuous couple of days to finally have the peace and order of my newly organized closet.
Life is often filled with frustrating situations. But if you stick to your guns, after 105 nuts and bolts screwed together by butter knife and fingers, you too can enjoy the fruits of your labours.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Night, Concrete and Feathers

Sometimes, inspiration comes when you are rummaging through your accessory drawer. These are some old favourites and new additions. I think they went together beautifully.

Feather hair comb, dropping form design, Chanel inspired gold chain quilted cross body, hot topic tights, banana republic embroidered floral jacket, Street Style

Necklace, second hand from The Spree

Tights from Hot Topic in Bellis Fair Mall

Embroidered floral jacket from Banana Republic purchased from Talize

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine wearing, Chanel inspired golden quilted tassel purse gold chain, feather hair piece by dropping forms design, second hand wood and metal and plastic chunky statement necklace, Street StyleThe hair piece is absolutely stunning. The artist's attention to detail is amazing. Each element is expertly combined. This particular comb blends in well with my hair. Though I also want some with different colours that would stand out. It is a super fun piece that adds a touch of whimsical to any outfit. It can also be a great steam punk accessory.

The combination of woods, plastic and metal on the chunky necklace is amazing. The colour combination makes me feel like fall. But the gold flecks resonates with a clear fall day. I love clear sunny fall days.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine wearing, Gold embroidered floral Banana Republics Jacket, Chanel inspired golden quilted tassel purse, velvet skirt, hop topics tights, suede boots, second hand wood and metal and plastic chunky statement necklace, Street StyleThe top (purchased from the Spree) is really sheer. It is not something to be worn out without solid bottoms. But I did not want to replace those tights with solid leggings. Instead, I decided to layer the look with a black velvet tube top that I worn as a skirt. It adds more texture to the outfit as well.

These tights are super fun. I saw them at Hot Topic during a recent Seattle trip. The store was littered with Twilight posters and reminded me ever so of that South Park episode.

Talize rarely does me wrong. Every trip brings delightful finds. These boots are no different. I really like the suede and the wedge heel. Adding height and preserving comfort.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine wearing, Chanel inspired golden quilted tassel purse, velvet skirt, hop topics tights, suede boots, second hand wood and metal and plastic chunky statement necklace, Street StyleI was surprised when I saw the label of the jacket. I had no idea Banana Republic made such a colourful line. The three quarter sleeves makes it a good spring and fall transition jacket. The golden thread used to embroider the flowers is the cherry on top of this fun outfit finisher.

Vintage Fashion, Thrift Fashion, Street Style, Style, Jasmine wearing, Chanel inspired golden quilted tassel purse, velvet skirt, hop topics tights, suede boots, second hand wood and metal and plastic chunky statement necklace, Street Style

The concrete juxtaposes this whole outfit. The soft and feminine shape and texture of the top contrasts nicely to the texture of the concrete wall. This shoot was all about contrasts.

The night engulfs the light of day.

When the party has faded away.

In the jungle of concretes, all I have are my feathers.

The gold flecks clings to life.

Hoping for the sun to shine.

Where to buy:

Necklace and top the Spree
The Spree location

Feather hair piece The Fall Tattooing and Artist Gallery
The Fall Tattooing location

Boots and purse Talize
Talize thrift super store location

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Impacted by words

Quotes are beautiful collections of words. With the right combinations it can launch a thousand ships.

Style, often is just the same. The main pieces, punctuated by accessories can achieve the same impact.

These are 2 quotes I found displayed to maximize impact. They made me stop and think.
infinite quote

This quote is very poetic. At first glance, it makes no sense. I most certainly did not spend an infinity reading this quote. But it did make an impact, and it may just take an infinity for you to figure it out.

Reminds me of the way Sarah Jessica Parker dresses. Some of her outfits at first glance will make no sense. But it will forever be amazing.

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City 2

This one I saw in an amazing architecturally significant building in Toronto. My regret is that I did not explore it in detail.

heart is where it matters most of all

Just like the late McQueen. I always felt his designs resonated from a place deep within. Check out this beautiful exhibit dedicated to McQueen by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alexander McQueen

This quote I saw on Purselog's facebook page not too long ago. I had to add it to this entry. It's such a beautiful quote.

Purseblog quote
Take risks. They pay off.

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