Monday, 26 March 2012

Musical appreciation: Spring Time by Yiruma

Yes, I know that it has been spring for about a week already.

It is finally beginning to feel like it too coming off the beautiful weekend.

I will ignore the full week rain forecast for now.

I hope Vancouver will prove the meteorologists wrong.

To lift my spirit, I want to share this beautiful Yiruma piano piece with you guys.

Enjoy :)

Spring Time -- Yiruma

Also, stay tuned for my spring outfit post. Here is a sneak peak.

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Happy Monday.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Tobi Haul has the cutest items! Ever since I discovered this amazing Free People Ruffle Peplum Peacoat that I dedicated an entire post to.

Ever since I have always kept an close eye but never actually ordered anything...

...until now that is.

The Siren song of these items were too beautiful for me to resist.

The first thing that caught my eye was this Who's Dot Pocket Shirt in black and white polka dots.

Whos dot pocket shirt black and white from tobi, polka dot sheer shirt, sheer shirt, blue jeggings, tobi, long sleeve black and white dot shirt

I love how it is subtle from the front, but when you turn around, BAM, polka dot city! The sheerness makes it a great layering piece. I can even wear this as an over top to the beach. I will definitely be doing it.

Then this Bien Bien Skull and Jeweled Cheetah Clutch made its way into the shopping bag as well.

bien bien skull and jeweled cheetah clutch from tobi, cheeta clutch, ring holder cheeta clutch, ring holder alexander mcqueen inspired clutch, cheetah clutch, skull ring clutch

It is so Alexander McQueen-ish. It can pretty much go with every other item I have also purchased.

The next item I actually stared at for a while before I added it to the shopping bag. Not because I was hesitating over it. But because I couldn't not stop staring at it.

The Maxi'd Out Halter Dress in black.

maxid out halter dress in black from tobi, black maxi dress, maxi dress with sheer skirt, sexy maxi dress, halter maxi dress, tobi

This would be so easy to wear for the summer. I just hope the weather would cooperate so I will have many chances to wear it.

Then, the polar opposite of the black dress.

I actually never really buy white dressed. But something about this one...

The Cameo Undercover Mesh Dress in White.

cameo undercover mesh dress in white from tobi, white mesh dress, sexy white dress, mesh back white dress, tobi

Scrolling through, these shorts would have matched so well with the polka dot top.

It is called the Hot & Delicious Lined Up Shorts.

Hot and delicious lined up shorts in black form tobi, black shorts from tobi, faux leather shorts, black shorts, black lined shorts, tobi

I would have to agree, it is definitely hot and delicious.

Not to mention, those shorts would be an amazing paring to this shirt.

Red cals collection hankerchief top, red backless top, hankerchief top, red top, tobi, red top from tobi

This red Cals Collection Hankerchief top is absolutely amazing. Conservative from the front and surprising from behind.

Finally, these super fun Darla Sunglasses would definitely become my eye wear staple for all those sunny days.

darla sunglasses in black from tobi, tobi, black sunglasses

I can't wait to receive these and incorporate them into my summer and spring wardrobe. The best part of it all, they were all on sale!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chanel's Little Black Jacket

Ah my site is back up from maintenance.

I hope you guys enjoy the new look.

To welcome myself back I would like to post about one piece of amazing and luxurious item that I one day hope to own.

Chanel's iconic little black tweed jacket.

Chanel little black jacket, chanel tweed black jacket, tweed black jacket

What's even more amazing about this classic and iconic piece is the way it is constructed.

The meticulous craftsmanship is amazing!

Here we can see the jacket in action.

This would be like my little black dress, but instead my little black jacket over my little red, orange, yellow or multi-coloured dresses.

One day Chanel, one day. Just like many more items from you talented design house I wish to own.